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Thread: COD: Black Ops?

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    COD: Black Ops?

    I'm a little surprised that I didn't see a thread about this game. If you're not sure you want to upgrade from MW2, I can honestly say that it is totally worth it.

    The single player is easily the best since the original Modern Warfare, it has a few tricky spots and the story gets a little confusing in the middle but by the end everything comes back together (its not like MW2, where it just goes completely off the deep end by the end of the game).

    As far as I'm concerned the multiplayer is a vast improvement over MW2. Many of the balance issues are gone. Perks seem to stack more naturally and its pretty hard to make a class that feels particularly under or over powered.

    A big, and desperately needed, change to the multiplayer was to make sure killstreak reward kills don't count towards further killstreaks. This basically means that if you call in air support any kills it gets will not help you call in a chopper gunner. You have to earn your goddamn killstreaks! The three kill reward RC-XD (the remote control car) would likely have broken the multiplayer in MW2 beyond repair, but since it doesn't count towards further rewards I don't find myself really bothered by them. They also removed the nuke, and removing that takes a ton of douchebag behavior with it.

    The new leveling system works better. The COD points you earn in each match allow you to buy upgrades you need without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. I'll admit though, that adding the ability to buy camo and facepaint kind of removes any real meaning from using it. Back in MW2 if you watched a kill-cam and saw that the guy had the fall camo on his gun, you knew you had been beaten by the best, now if you see cool camo it doesn't mean shit.

    I won't even get into the zombie modes or the wager matches (the gun game wager match by itself is enough to justify the $60 as far as I'm concerned).

    I just wanted to share my opinion of black ops and I ended up writing a damn review...
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    Hmm... agreed, the lack of love for Codbo is a little surprising.

    I disagree with you on the single player - IMO the previous 3 games were all better. The characters and the voice acting wasn't great and the story took a while to get slightly interesting. I think I enjoyed MW2's batshit crazy ride more, and Kiefer "Outfuckingstanding" Sutherland voicing the sergeant made WAW. That said, the missions in BO were actually pretty decent - despite the tendency to just get interesting, then cut to black.

    Multiplayer on the other hand - couldn't agree more. The balance is great and the map design is superb - run-and-gun heaven The choppers are a tad over powered, but they are surprisingly difficult to get compared to their MW2 equivalents.

    The only flaw is some of the hit detection - I tried for 40 minutes to get the "Steel Meets Spine" backstabbing contract thingy. Following enemies, lining myself up, staring at their spine... and failing to get it right. After the contract expired, I managed to get a backstabber medal by just stabbing someone in the side. Bit shit.

    I'm still undecided on COD Points - they are cool, but I've bought more guns than I've used, failed on a few contracts and lost more wager matches than I've won... and yet I still have more thousands than I know what to do with.

    But still - shooting shit is why I got a console, and this game satisfies that admirably.

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