Sketchbook: Too Stubborn To Stop
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Thread: Too Stubborn To Stop

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    Too Stubborn To Stop

    just a thumbnail

    Currently focusing on:
    Loomis studies
    (soon)) using myself as substitute live model
    proper set up still life


    This year is going to be mostly about fun. Because if I'm not having fun, I won't learn anything.

    My only problem is that I'm a lot like this when drawing:

    So I do need to remind myself to slow down every now and then


    Just continuing where I left off, I guess. People, don't ever get repetitive strain injury. It sucks.

    My drawing a limit is 5 min. to one hour a day, depending on my arms, so don't expect any major improvement for the next 200 pages.
    I'm seriously contemplating shoving a pencil up my nostril and drawing like that just to extend my drawing time.

    I switched from manikins to wooden blocks and cylinders and wooden farm animals apparently.
    Going to try and understand the basics for the next 12 weeks and then I can start drawing lessons.


    revised my plan 'cause the other one was a dead-set plan to burning out.

    New, more sane plan:

    - Just draw and use whatever book I deem useful at the time
    - No tight schedules/deadlines/"must-do's".
    - Have fun.
    - Stay away from computer (no programming :'() (the more I use the computer, even with speech recognition, the longer recovery from RSI takes >_< I got it from knitting btw how ridiculous is that )
    - Report back here as often as I can.


    Here's some hands I did, as one of my last exercises from the Betty Edwards' book. They're a bit off though
    When I draw them, I kind of feel like I'm cheating...

    Name:  hands3-2.jpg
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Size:  90.9 KBName:  hands2-2.jpg
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    Name:  hands1-2.jpg
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    See you soon!

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