Shanda Games Launches A Global Creative Competition “□□and Its Friends”For Its Brand Cartoon Characters

Shanda Games officially announced the launch of 2010 Shanda Games Cartoon Creative Competition “□□and Its Friends”, coming out on Nov. 1st, 2010.

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The competition is co-hosted by Shanda Games and international CG art promotion organization leewiART. Based on the principles of open, free and creativity, we are hereby collecting global creative designs, and choose among them the brand cartoon characters on the aim of defining an uniform international image for the whole Shanda product line, including Flashes, webpages and casual games. The official website will be online on the same day of the launch.

With the key phrase “□□and Its Friends”, this cartoon creative competition deviates from some earlier creative competition in games industry, which means all contestants need to design three or more cartoon characters, hightlighting the group images and the concept of interaction.

Besides, the panel of judges includes some top-notch character designers of domestic and overseas background, such as Tom Bancroft, Stephen Silver, Florian Satzinger and Su Haitao, all of whom are leading authorities in the realm of character design. They are veterans from some of the most outstanding companies of this industry, including Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., etc. They have won numerous international awards, and have been involved in countless extraordinary shows, including Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Kim Possible, etc. Based on their years of experience, the judges will provide the participants instructions and suggestions with regard to both creativity and future development, and judge the final award-winners.

In addition to the tempting awards and prizes, the competition offers a precious opportunity for the ultimate winner’s design to be the key brand image for Shanda Games’ casual games and entertainment community, and will be worldwide distributed to let more users touch the strength of creativity.

Shanda Games always sticks to the ultimate visual quality of its games.2010 Shanda Games Cartoon Creative Competition “□□and Its Friends” is an undoubted demonstration of its pursuit of creative passion and vigorous attitude.

About the Hosts:

Shanda Games Limited (Nasdaq:GAME) is an innovative online game developer, operator and publisher in China, dedicated to building a world’s leading online gaming platform. During years of development, Shanda Games always devotes to absorbing outstanding talents and innovations, targeting an exceptional visual experience for our users.
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As an international CG promoting organization, leewiART dedicates to elevating the value and the importance of CG art in contemporary art. We sign and promote talented artists and actively transform the digital work into tangible fine art for collection . We also explore and expand the new territory of CG art, by organizing high-end CG art exhibitions, competitions and social and charity events annually. Thanks to all the efforts listed above, we are able to set up a comprehensive platform for CG art.
At present leewiART owns an international CG art gallery ( and a Chinese CG art on-line community

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