Hi guys,
I just started doing some of the digital paintings stuff by buying a tablet two months ago. I don't know how to approach this, but I read it is good to get feedback from people that know and, well, to practice. So here is both.

I first did a spiderman tutorial on the web, and then thought I would try adding a face to that, but had no idea what a face really looked like. So I took a photo and tried to draw that, which turned out totally distorted. Somebody said I need to fool the brain, so I turned it upside down and then tried that. It worked better but it still is slightly distorted. You can check it out yourself. Also, the colors are bad (the first time the skin looked like sand, now like plastic) and the shadows too flat.
So I am trying to fix that on the next approach. Also, it would be really great to get some feedback from people that quickly see what needs most work (I am sure all does), so I can also focus on that on the next approach. I spend around 25 hours on this using Painter and the chalk and water blender.
I am not sure if I should be going for another long thing or just practicing shadows and sketching around. Maybe that is also something I could find out from other peoples' experiences.

Turned out to be a long post, sorry.
Thanks already