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    Post Criticism would be much appreciated.

    Hello there, concept art...ians. My name is Bermuda-Triangulated, but you can just call me whatever you feel like.


    I need critique regarding my sketches/doodles overall; I'm trying to shape my art in a more serious way. So far I don't have any works that I've spent a substantial amount of time on. I'll be sure to post some when I do get the time to focus.

    In any case, please let me know what I can do to improve, suggest ideas, etc.


    Tumblr (since some of my images are smushed):


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    Basically, the same as anyone else starting out. Go back to square one, learn to draw confident lines, get comfortable with basic forms (spheres, cubes tumbling in space, that sort of stuff), check out Andrew Loomis and get a handle on his mannikin forms, check out Vilppu, study anatomy, draw from life as much as you can, start trying to get a handle on the concept of gestures (it takes a while to really grasp it), sample as many teachers wherever possible to figure out what resonates best with you. Practice a lot.

    At this point in your development, that's probably plenty to get you started. Oh, and start a sketchbook thread here, put a link in your profile to it, and contribute as much as possible to it. It's worth your time.
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