Art: Jamie Romoser's paint blobs of 2010
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    Jamie Romoser's paint blobs of 2010

    So this is my first ever post in the finally finished section im a bit scared XD to be honest

    here are my entrys for the Last teen standing challenge
    I've had a blast doing these if you want to see the works in progress visit my sketchbook Ive posted them there

    Topic was -Death
    heres my little story that i had in my head while painting this
    Time wages on battles fought beasts slain. All to remind her of her loved one who once stood bravely beside her. All that is left ragged bones blistered by the heat of the sun. Isolated.. not knowing where the future leads.The flowers drift in the wind as she lets go of her memories the final good bye. Death.

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    Second challenge the topic -prehistoric meets future
    and the story that was playing in my head
    As the Earth’s minerals deplete and its resources dwindle, man begins to search for new ways to find energy sources to sustain life. Scientists create a warp gate that bends time, then they send trained specialists back to prehistoric times to try and find a way to bring back anything of use. Horrible creatures attack the first team sent through the gate, and the team’s leader shuts it down to save his people from these monsters, trapping what was left of his team back in time. After escaping the horde of monsters, they begin investigating caverns for mineral deposits. There they witness things that were previously unknown to their generation, and they soon come to a harsh realization. These are not just caverns... these are the homes of the vicious prehistoric creatures- violent brutes devoid of any rational thought. One by one, members of the team are picked off until only one man is left. With only 3 shots left and no other ammunition, he knows his struggle is futile, but he still clings to the hope that he will prevail and save his people.

    Name:  Prehistoric meets future final version2.jpg
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    Challenge 3 topic was -Dragon hunter
    not much of a story here I just wanted to paint a cool character lol XD
    Name:  DRAGON HUNTER!.jpg
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    Kinda of a old character its a Fire demon of some sort
    Name:  demon slayer 189.jpg
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    This was a commission for the book The Last Striders. Unfortunately there not going to be used in the book anymore. I was replaced by another artist my style was too stiff and old school for him. O well no worrys got payed for my time.
    Name:  11.jpg
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    Name:  10.jpg
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    Name:  9 (2).jpg
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    Name:  8.jpg
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    Name:  40.jpg
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    and lastly some of my "longer" studies that I liked not sure if im aloud to post there here?
    ~William B study
    ~Ingres study
    Name:  24.jpg
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    Name:  ingres study2.jpg
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