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    Graphic design and Illustration

    Hi, I'm not sure if this would be the right place to post, but you guys seem pretty good in Graphic design, so I'd like to ask...

    Illustration is my first love, but now I'm into Graphic design too. I want to do both, but I have to choose one major. If I want to do both Graphic and Illustration in the future, which one should I start out with first and move on into later on? Or should I focus on both right now?

    Thanks everyone

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    Illustration is a better major. Graphic design is actually pretty easy, but brutally subjective. It's a great way to get an understanding of how crucial composition is. Illustration will teach you not just how to create an image, but the illusion that is an image. Illustration will give you the ammunition to be free to create whatever you want.

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    theyre differente things yet rlly influencing each other.
    and graphic design is easy if u can do it... for who doe not have the skills, its not =p

    there are pple in my class that are not good even studying it for 3 years =p

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    Graphic design is the easier of the two so I would go for majoring in Illustration and you can always move back to graphic design later.

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    Another way to think about it is in terms of you being marketable. What major will be more likely to get you a job, if that's your goal? I mean, if you just want to better yourself, then do whatever you like more, which sounds like illustration. But I do know that there is a broader market out there for graphic designers.

    And not that you NEED a graphic design degree...I majored in marketing, with a minor in management. But I honed my skills enough to convince someone to take a chance on me, and I ended up in web/graphic design, which is where I wanted to be all along. You could major in graphic design and minor in illustration, too...

    Just another thing to consider.
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    Graphic design is extremely hard for me, i started on something last month and i am not finish because i have gotten past the point.

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