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    Is Starcraft 2 taking up all your time? Are you unable to get any drawing done because you need to beat Plants vs. Zombies? Are you getting too much joy from well-crafted games that received your well-spent dollars? Well fret no more, because you could be playing...

    DrawCraft is a mix of illustration and turn-based strategy games that pits two artists against each other in a war of imagination. Anything can happen as each player draws new buildings, soldiers and upgrades to counter his enemy’s strategy; Attack your opponent with Viking longships blessed by Odin to soar through the air, or send waves of zombies to infect the enemy. Draw klingon warriors and send their foes to the underworld, or research dark magic for your wizards by building spell towers.

    The rules and discussion thread is here
    there is an example game played by Zlirion and I here (with outdated rules and board though)

    So head to the Challenge area and have yourself a good old fashioned art throwdown


    I thought up "DrawCraft" after I realized that the strategy games I wanted to play won't exist and that making stuff up is just fun. I also had a lot of help from Zilrion with the practice game and refining the rules so thanks to him I'd much rather play this "game" and work on my quick drawing skills at the same time than spend hours in Galactic Civilizations 2 and get nothing in the long run.

    There are some basic rules, but the point of the game is to just have fun and draw so the rules are pliable. it's possible to see some wacky matchups like dwarves versus various socks or ghosts versus cookies.

    So, if you have some spare time give it a whack

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    Oh wow that sounds awesome! I'd need to get my internet fixed first, though.

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    Was the spam I just deleted part of the game? Looks great.

    Did you notice 1 member and 19 guests when I was posting? You may be on to a winner.

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