Hello Fiends!, newbie here, my name is Brian more well known as TypH I am a young canadian Comic Book artist/writer who does everything Horror! I thought I would take the time to show off some artwork for you folks an see what you think. Hopefully there something you like!

All my art past an present can be seen on my site www.art-of-typh.blogspot.com i've also done superhero stuff but as of late it's 100% horror all the time!

I have just finished my second short horror story for McHozer comics that will be featured in Deadmen & Poodleskirts issue #2, I also have a story in issue #1 of DM&PS. I am also working on my own horror series, my first creator owned seires which I will be doing all the artwork and writing for. It's called Midnight Spookshow! and will be a horror anthology series like the old Tales From The Crypt and Creepy comics!

I am also always open for new projects, mainly paying ones would be nice but I don't ask for much so

my first piece I will be showing off is my last Movie art piece based of Freddy from Nightmare On Elm Street Movies

Heres a piece based off a zombie movie I really enjoyed called "Fido" fun movie a must watch!

Heres a piece based off the Addams Family that I did for the better half she's a huge fan of the tv show!

Frankenstein & Bride, homage/tribute piece, big fan of the classic movie monsters!

I am also a huge Tales From The Crypt fan from the movies to the cartoon an comics an classic tv show, so I knew i had to do a piece fot it sooner or later so I picked to do a Homage/Tribute piece based of the Tales From The Crypt:Bordello Of Blood Movie Poster!

Uncle Creepy Sketch!