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Thread: Any thoughts on a tablet my brother wants to buy?

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    Any thoughts on a tablet my brother wants to buy?

    He wants to get this one:
    Mostly because thats about as much money as he's ready to spend on this, and considering he's upgrading from a mouse any tablet will be a great advance imo.

    Yet I just wanted to make sure about the "& touch" part, can that function be problematic for digital painting in any way?

    Also, the specs seem pretty good considering the price:
    acive zone: 217 x 137 mm
    pressure levels : 1024

    That's basically what I have with my Intuos3 A5 which cost me twice as much, so is this bamboo fun really the bargain it seems?

    Thanks for any info!
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    I just received mine, upgraded from a Graphire 3.

    For the price, it's awesome. The surface is twice that of my old tablet and it feels I can be much more precise. The pressure levels work fine, I'm not serious enough to notice any difference from 512.

    The touch function is just a glorified touchpad, doesn't seem very practical. It can be easily disabled, so no interference with painting. I expected to be able to use "pen mode" in touch (imagine an iPad), but you can't.

    The size is a little bigger than I expected, but small enough to carry with a laptop.

    Overall I'd say grab it.
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    Thank's a bunch, Frelont!
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