Hi. im new
I am a 19y/o female in nsw australia and im looking for work as a concept artist. it does not need to be in australia. Normally for international work i draw the sketches and email them once the picture is to your likeing the final copy is made, and sent off to you along with the sketches. Once you recieve the pictures i expect payment. Depending on my art depends on the cost for you. $30 i consider cheap.

The work i do is with good old pencils and paper. sometimes paint.. i do not do photoshop images, i dont have the patience. the final copies are normally printed off at a print shop to what ever size needed.

At the moment i do character design, charater avatar design (for rpg's and such) Prop design, clothes design, basically anything. some backgrounds.

The pictures im best at are,
Fantasy type pictures: Elves, fairies, knomes, funny looking fantasy creatures/beasts/animals

Beast pictures: Bad guy enemy types, beasts that look like they are from hell, dragons, werewolves.. anything beasty like out of my head

Mechanical pictures: BioHumans, mechanical animals, some kinda made up warlord robot anything really in this catergory

The list of pictures i do are just my favourites, i can do more. if you have something in mind email me. if you need a resume i am in the process of making one just ask.

I dont have a portfolio yet and if you want to see some of my work email me with a type of picture you want to see and ill send you a demo picture once its done.

Any questions, comments write to me
Jodie Ingrey

P.S: i like this smiley so im adding it