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    Concept Art, you are all, just kidding. POST MOVED. Thread Locked.

    Dear Internet,

    Shame on us! Shame on us for sinning; shame on us for spreading the word of the Deceiver--shame on us for our Satanic, pagan, and otherwise ungodly spewings. And, most of all, shame on us for forgetting, even for an instant, the power of the Internet grapevine!

    Reclaiming Art was, of course, our April Fool's joke on EK. (Our, in this case, referring to Virgilanti (, Socar MYLES (, Enayla (, Sica (no site at present), and Katheryn ( The plan was to post contrived letters from people like Paul A. Williams and Andrew T. Foster on EK over the course of the weeks leading up to April Fool's day. The forum was to be discovered some time this week, laughed at, and allowed to fade back into obscurity.

    Then, on the first of April, we were to detonate the joke like a bomb. We were going to have Andrew and Paul organize a fake protest march, to be held outside the apartment building of Socar MYLES (whose address she stupidly has posted on her online journal ( to go, Socar). That was to stir up the real frenzy, and then, in that golden moment of madness, we were to confess to the jest.

    Of course, we had not reckoned on being discovered by Eatpoo and Concept Art, and, you know, the whole Internet art community, especially this soon! In our efforts to trump the truly heinous japes we have perpetrated in previous years, we went too far, and our joke exploded too soon!

    For those few who were offended by our joke--and there were a few--we do apologize. No slight was meant to genuine Christians, or to members of any serious faith. We deliberately made our "Christians" so far over the top they bore no resemblance to most real religious folks. (And anyone who really IS that fanatical...well, they deserve to be laughed at, regardless of faith!)

    Tremble, however, O Internet of gullibility. We shall still play an April Fool's've been warned.


    --A Bunch of Nits from EK

    PS - For those of you who fell for the joke: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 0wN3D!
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