So after a year thinking one day I'll be the bestest CalArts student ever, then a few months thinking no way, I'm gonna be an SVA cartoonist, I've instead decided to be more realistic and try to find a college within my price range with a good illustration/or animation program

What I'm looking for is a college with an art major that focuses on the storytelling aspect of art-- like graphic novels, storyboarding, etc. On the flipside, if they have an character animation program instead or alongside an illustration major that'd be aces. When I say character animation, I mean they expect you to also study the figure and you learn some design along the way, etc

I hope I'm not being too wordy about this. I have my eye on MassArt and Suffolk University.

So just a general input about some NE colleges that aren't too expensive would be great : ) in the mean time, searching the forums like a bloodhound