I am an amateur freelance anime artist who has had some experience in the art field, but not much like the freelancers here. I've only had a college course for 2D Design and passed with an A and everything else is self-taught because I don't have access to many art courses at my university, unfortunately.

With that being said, I am still improving. For that reason, I deleted my gallery and have not updated it with current WIPs or anything. I only have uploaded my artwork to my dA account and you can see samples there.

I specialize in drawing anime-style portraits, chibi characters and cute guys/pretty boys. I can't draw overly-muscular men but I can attempt to. However, I WILL NOT DRAW REALISM (I don't mind experimenting or branching out but realism is only meant for practice for me--I want to draw anime-style because that's what I prefer. No one can say that realistic video games don't have some bit of stylized artwork in them). I am also planning to draw some fake visual novel screenshots and manga pages for my later projects.

My schedule is limited, however, and if I don't get to you within 5 days, it might be because of my studying schedule, as I am at school for long hours at a time and I take the bus to/from school so it adds another 2 1/2 hours.

I'm very serious with my commissions and will keep redrawing until the commissioner is satisfied--BUT, the commissioner must pay 1/2 price or in full to assure that neither party will get ripped off. Commissions may take me as much as 3-5 days or 2 weeks to complete if I am studying. Please contact me through dA note, pm or email if you are concerned with anything.

For more specific info on my commissions, please visit this link.

I'm also advertising headshot commissions in a mix of Yone Kazuki-sensei's and my own style:

Freelance anime artist - low prices, specializes in portraits, bishoujo/bishounen

$10 per headshot, $12 for bust
More info on these can be found here.

My prices range from $3-$28, and that includes character designs and full bodies. Despite what the commission information says, I don't mind drawing hentai/yaoi/yuri either, so long as there're no bodily fluids present.

Thank you for everyone who took the time to view this. I know I have a lot to improve on and would greatly appreciate feedback (through pm, preferably, since the dA experience hasn't been very kind to me with the amount of trolls; I hope that this is a more mature community).