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    C.o.w. #191 arctic war beast. Voting!

    C.O.W. #191 ARCTIC WAR BEAST_Voting!




    Deadline for the voting: oct 27th (9pm PST)

    Posting thread (closed): WIPS THREAD #
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    Artist: Loathsome - Conny Nordlund
    Concept: Snowhopper

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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Balenor
    On the frozen world of Brassmoneki, seventy leagues to the north of the almost pleasant yet slightly frozen equator, two tribes of pseudo-humans vai for territory. While it has taken several years, one tribe has managed to train a large carnivore of the tundra - the Balenor- to work with them in driving their more civilized neighbours from the habitable region that they have claimed as their own.
    Thankfully, the Balenor are a mostly solitary creature, their training would be near impossible otherwise...
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    The word ‘anarchy’ comes from the ancient Greek αναρχία in which αν meant ‘without’ and αρχία meant first a military ‘leader’ and then ‘ruler’. Anarchist society is one ‘without rulers’: a classless, non-hierarchical society.
    “You need people like me.
    You need people like me so you can point your grubby fingers and say, "That's the bad guy.""

    SKETCHY Book

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    Artist: Art4All

    Concept: Ashgarr
    Ashgarr, so they are called, a vicious breed that has both speed and strenght to devour any beast they encounter. some even say their claws are strong enough to rip mountains. raised and trained by the askhainu clan they are used for gruesome wars, endless wars against the viskhnu clan. cold blooded as ice, strong as blizzard, together they are feared as the ashgarr riders.
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    Artist: Lemmingwing
    Concept: SiMo(Simius Mortuum)

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    let me introduce to you the creature that will help us conquer the arctic lands of this earth.
    This new species can resist incredible pain, endure freezing temperatures and once their set loose, nothing can stop them.
    we will drop them into areas populated by the enemy and they will clear the whole area.
    After that we just have to find a way to dispose od these ''arctic apes''.
    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you
    the Simius Mortuum or SiMo.
    C.o.w. #191 arctic war beast. Voting!
    check out and feel free to comment on my SB

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    Artist : Lodin
    Concept : Beliant

    We have lost contact with the ZK-410 Planet since many centuries. The settlers must living in a hard situation without the energy they have lost for a long time. Searching some rare ressources, they entered in many conflicts what are separate the colony in some tribe. With the rare livestock, the best ressource, Beliants became a strategic ressource. females are large and with a driving, these beast become some war machines. Males will be some local specialties : Big Beliant menu with or without potatoes.

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    Artist: FallenAngel

    Concept: Ledokol

    Ledokol's name origins in the russian language- it means "the ice breaker".
    Usually a peaceful creature that prefers to hide in snow than fight, however when it becomes infected with the "ice virus" as it called by the natives it becomes more and more insane.
    It grows huge spike like horns and weird shapes and slowly begins to cover with an ice like armor, that is proven to be as hard as a diamond.
    Some native tribes use these huge diseased beasts as tanks to attack their enemies- there is nothing that can stop an outraged Ledokol in battle.

    Open for commissions......just PM me.

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    Artist: tmyohlaing

    Concept: Blaska-dayohoo

    Only two tribes survived in the world living in Arctic after the 2012 doom day. They didn’t get along each other as kept fighting war. Darozo tribe, found a frozen egg in somewhere in Arctic and made it warm enough that later hatched the strongest beast of all time. As they used the beast, to crack and crash the Jungora tribe’s home and bases, it used its horn like things on top and bottom of his head to charge whatever it was ordered. Its iron like thick skin made it able to live in Arctic. Nothing could beat this war beast yet.
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    Artist: Si Swe

    Concept: Umalo

    The Clans Belias and Kutlaan have been at war for decades. A trade dispute gone bad, turned into a territory dispute when Clan Belias discovered the other's rich natural resources in the form of a Thermite deposit in the Aluathan mountains. When small skirmishes of scouting parties turned to full scale war, both sides began to use the fauna of their harsh cold environment. Most impressive of which were the crested behemoths known as the Umalo. Being the largest breed of crested wuyg, they were fearsome in full frontal charges, their heavy bone crests tearing through the snowstorms and their large bone horns tearing through fleshier substances. It is said that the long, mournful moan of an Umalo will bring fear into the hearts of the brave and pee into the pants the less brave.

    To identify their own beasts in the often blinding snowstorms, Clans Belias and Kutlaan painted their beasts with designs. Belias' can often be idenified for using large cresting and swirling patterns in deep blue colours. Kutlaan's can often be identified for gold and orange phallic symbols along their beasts' sides and crests.
    Check out creature designs and make some of your own:
    Creature of the Week; Creature Spot

    View Simon Sweetman's art etc. at:
    ArtStation; Twitter: @SiSweetman; Twitch Channel

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    Artist: sozo

    Concept: Gromut
    The Gromut was bred for war. It's a ferocious creature whose only intent is to kill and strike fear into its enemies' hearts. They are very loyal to the Whitachi tribe, who is the only tribe that knows the secrets to training them, going so far as to continue fighting to the death even after a rider has died.
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    Artist: LEGE1
    Concept: Meltalacor

    In the frigid battle grounds of Freznoria two militant clans battle one another for territorial claims over the ice covered land. There are two clans; the Rumborians, in the East, and the Heatoras to the West. Typically the Heatoras pull off fire orientated attacks on the more peaceful Rumborians sporting red war uniforms and various weaponary. After years of the Rumborians trying to negotiate a peace treaty with the Heatoras under propositions of dividing the land equally, the Rumborians have grown fed up with the Heatoras and have decided to unleash their best kept secret..........the Meltalacor.

    The Meltalacor is a highly intelligent serpentine like beast that can breath fire and with stand the frigid temperatures of Freznoria with its leather like skin and its internal temperate adapting system. The Meltalacor also has bone like plates and protrusions from the top of its head and side of its neck that absorb sunlight which stores as energy and keeps the creature warm. Meltalacor has fin-like arms that can be used for swimming and like ice picks to climb with. The Meltalacor is rider friendly and can be verbally commanded only by the Rumborians.
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    Artist: porcupine

    Concept: Tar'val
    On a frozen planet far away, two feuding clans train the native animals into weapons of war.
    The animals commonly known as Tar'val are about as aggressive as they are dumb but they do react to colors and so the clans use war paint so that the beasts know who is friend or foe.

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    Artist: Haekel

    Concept: SharkyBear
    Big meany bear, usually fead on arctic sharks.
    Only nostril pain can help to control them, a little. But it also make them angry, so beware...*

    Here is mine. No more time to do some war paints (and no great idea to make it, also )

    * sorry my english sucks.

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    Artist: ninety

    Concept: arctic war beast

    When the arctic war beast is unleashed it will not stop until it is dead or there is no enemy blood and flesh left to spill and crush.
    These massive creatures are the pride of the 3 arctic tribes in the northern region of blakkshryk.
    One beast weighs 100 men and so the tribe who has the most talented tamers and therefor the most beasts will rule the region.
    But only the tribe´s elders know that there is one instant of time where it will be wise not to wage war
    - when the artic war beast is searching for a mate during its rutting season - none of the tamers will have control over the creature and if it is no longer bound in its chains
    that bind it throughout the everlasting winter it will not make out enemy and master
    but will crush an stamp whatever stands in its way into freedom.

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    Artist: Toastage

    Concept: Arctic Frost Wyrm

    Vast legions have journeyed to the home of the demon and met their end in the frozen deserts. The heavens part and she gloats her victory to the gods. Beckoning them to battle.

    Attachment 1085742

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