Hi all,
I'm doing a painting at the moment, just got the background down and I'd like as much as help and advice as possible before I move further into the foreground and any mistakes will be harder to fix!
This is what the painting looks like now: (although the colours are slightly more vibrant in real life so please take that into account)

This is a basic sketch of what will be the finished product (without colours)..It shows you what the composition is going to be, the biggest bird being the point of focus:

And a picture of what the colours of the birds (Paleheaded Rosellas) will be:

My questions are..Is the composition good? Colour scheme? I'm using acrylic paints, how can I make the background fade out more to make sure the foreground is the focus? (a wash, maybe, of white or grey..I don't know, help?) My problem is I always seem to go for the extremes..bright blue, bright green, all in the background AND foreground so it looks like a rainbow, all fighting for your attention and I really don't want that lol!
But most importantly..What can I improve??
Thank you, I'd love as much input as possible, as soon as possible, so I can continue on the painting!!