Hey there!

This is my first time actually using conceptart.org ( I've only been browsing around for ages ) and hopefully it'll come in handy. I actually have a reason why I finally decided to register

I'll mostly do creature concepts, but also of human characters and a few gadgets such as ships, gliders and the like. Most of my concepts are for my novel, "Solarstern" ( the title is the german original, in english it would possibly mean something along the lines of "Solarstar" / "Sunstar" )

So now, let's get started!

Solarstern Concept: Malak
the winged animal companion.

♦ Berrykitten's Sketchbook
he is not taller than an ocelot!

"Malak is always seen on the side of the spacepirate John Breach - he will never leave him alone unless he's forced or told to. If he's set apart from him the creature tends to become nervous and moody and should not be pestered in any way. Appearantly, John is the only person who can understand Malak fully, which might be because they share a special bond eversince John saved him from a certain death on his home planet, Geryon."