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    This guy needs help

    I joined this site ages ago but to be honest it intimidates me but I heard a story of a guy who got awesome after spending a year or two on this site so what the heck.

    I know there is stuff wrong with my work but half the time I don't actually know what it is, so I'm hoping someone can guide me in the right direction.

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    i see a cool style you got going.keep it up

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    Cool creature) Not exactly sure about the left leg, but only thought of it after a minute of thinking how awsome the pic is.

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    Oi! I just started a sketchbook here too, pretty much for the same reasons, so I know how much any constructive advice would be appreciated. I've got a lot of learning to do, but here's what I noticed:

    First off, I really like the concept and you seem to be pretty comfortable with digital painting. His eyes are super expressive and I like where your painting style is going.

    I think adding a little asymmetry to the pose would add a lot of interest. Right now his ears are very similar and stiff... maybe try loosening them up a bit and using them to show how wicked crazy this dude is. Sorta like how cats ears perk/droop/etc depending on their mood. I imagine this guy's ears would be sort of crooked and twitchy since he's got the whole "I'm insane" lower eyelid thang going.

    The symmetry sort of carries down the rest of the body too, with the legs and the feet... they look a bit stiff and very similar, only they're at an angle. The left arm seems a little forgotten about too, tucked away behind his body... I'd think those blood dripping claws would be more of a focus so that we could get a better sense of just how badass he really is. If you were a raging insane rabbit man that just enjoyed a juicy, bloody meat fest, how would you look to some poor sap that just found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time with a deranged bunny-man that's lookin at them like they're fillet mignon? Maybe look for a photo reference from a horror flick, or pose a bit in front of the mirror.

    Last comment, about the added details/accessories... it's sort of unclear what that brown strap across his chest is. Is it his backpack and maybe he's a school kid who transforms into a crazy, meat-eating rabbit? Is it a weapon of some sort strapped to his back (if so, it must be pretty small, what is it?)? Does he pin the severed ears of his victims to it like a boyscout patch? Why does he have a collar around his neck? Is he someone's crazy pet? Is he into S&M ? That wound on his shoulder, did someone get the best of him, or was it his victim's last attempt at self defense?

    The more I look at your drawing, the more I want to know the story behind this dude (which is a good thing!), but also means I'm going to wonder more about any details that have been thrown in like that. Try to have a clear reason for every detail and make them count. The more stories the details tell, the more interest is added to the work. If a detail is going to be abstract or questionable, it should be that way because you purposely chose it to be so, to make the viewer wonder and guess.

    Saying all this, I know it's way easier said than done, but I hope my comments help! I think it's awesome that you dug into your imagination and were able to pull this out and show it to us. I hope you decide to explore this character more at some point, he's a lot of fun.

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