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Thread: Maya IK

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    pixel monkey Guest

    Maya IK

    I've been using Maya for over a year, but haven't learned how to rigg up practical IK controls for a character. I;'ve read over some tutorials on a number of sites but still don't understand how to connect complex constraints like a leg with a reverse foot. If anyone could provide some help I would be greatful.

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    mythwarden Guest

    Seems you aren't having much luck here. You probably picked a wrong forum for Maya help.

    Try the official forum here -
    Official Maya Forum

    or give High End 3D a try.

    If you still don't have any luck here or any of those places, then I'll try to write one for you.

    Good luck.


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    I would have to agree with Myth on this one,

    is probably one of your best sources for this, they have a tutorial there on doing a forward/reverse leg rigg that works out quite nicely.

    If you want to quote the parts that are baffling you perhaps I can help shed some light on the subject.

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    ThE_SP Guest
    Hey Pixel Monkey,

    I hang out around Polycount . They usually have some hardcore Maya users that share what they know. So, I'm sure any questions that you had could be answered there....



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