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    Post Research - Concept Fashion

    Hi! I'm Mateus sperandio, a second period Graphic Design studant by the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil. I'm here to ask your help - I got a research to do, and my group was selected to take care of the Criative Proccess of Fashion Design. Since I and other members are interessed in concept art of characters, we decided to focus on the concept characters fashion, what includes clothes, accessories, armors and anything relationed. If anyone can help, we'd thank a lot! Also, it's a good oportunity for all of us to learn about the criative proccess of other artists...
    So, here goes some questions... Feel free to answer just the ones you want to and the way you prefer. If you want to add any information, go ahead, it would be great we also asks for the more complete answers you can give, I mean, even if there is not any "why" or "tell us about it, please", please, answer it for us, we'd love
    ps: altough its very connected to characters concept art as a whole, the focus of the research is the fashion, so, you may answer about the characters creation itself, but please, try to focus on the main subject..
    ps²: Sorry about any problem with my english

    First, some personal information:
    Tell us about yourself as an artist and how your life out of work works:
    -Where are you from?
    -Why interessed in concept art?
    -How does your work interfer in your social life and how does your social life interferes in your work?
    -Anything else you would like to tell us?

    Now, some questions about the concept art itself:
    -How is the creative process?
    .Any reference or inspiration source? Wich? Why?
    .Is there any practice that gives you inspiration and new ideas? Tell us about it?
    .Is there any preocupation about the ambient of work?

    -Wich steps must be respected to get a satisfatory result?
    .How it starts? Analyzing the characters concept, the characters physical appearance, the characters mentality?
    .It's necessary to gather ideas first, or just sketch up on the paper and so select them?
    .Wich part to start with? torso pieces? leg pieces? boots and shoes? hats? other accesories? How important is this? Is there any reason?
    .Does any special practice exists that contributes?

    -How about the time spent?
    .How long it usually takes on researches and references?
    .How long it takes to get the ideas?
    .What about the time you use sketching things up?
    .What about the time to create the pieces?
    .About how much time it takes at the whole process (you can tell us about the whole character and the fashion)?

    -What helps and what make things harder?
    .How the subject influencietes?
    .How the time and pressure influencietes?
    .When the creativity is running out and the time is short, what do you do to get the best results you can?

    -Is there any conflict?
    .What impedes your work?
    .When the necessity and your ideas doesn't combine?
    .When you have to work in group, how is it?

    -Is there any exemples that could help with the proccess understaing?
    -Anything else you'd like to tell us?

    Ten Thousand Thanks!

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