Hi all,

just after some advice about good quality, color accurate computer monitors. It's something that i've just started noticing after getting a few things printed recently, not that the colors and contrast are waaaay off but i'd like to minimize that unknowing factor as much as possible by having a decent monitor.

I'm not after some 30 inch monster screen, my current one is about 19 - 20 inch thereabouts (width) LCD and that's more than enough for me, i've done a bit of research about monitors but the tech details are beyond my newb understanding (contrast ratios, brightness calculations, response time, color supported)

Here is a local NZ based computer store that i have been looking through with a list of monitors, if you could point me in the right direction or make better suggestions for monitors it would be much appreciated




PS: NZ prices on that site so if your wondering why the hell they are so expensive it's just our shit NZD exchange rate, heh!