How would you like to have your artwork seen by thousands of people across the world?

It's pretty much every artist's goal or dream to have their work hanging in a museum, gallery, etc. Why would you bother entering this contest? What if it was possible to showcase your talent to thousands of people, spread across several continents and various countries? What if you could reach an art venue, not normally accessible to the general public?

Well, now you have that chance.

Lunia is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). There's currently a contest by the publishing company which has the rights to Lunia in the United States. This contest primarily entails drawing a fantasy character. This is a great venue for fantasy artists/painters/etc.

10 character entries will be picked as the "finalists," but only one of these characters will be chosen and ultimately implemented into the game. Two such characters have already been created in this way. One is an Engineer-type character and the other is a Spearman dragon character. Both of these were made by ordinary people with an artistic vision and are now played by thousands of people in the US, Korea, China, Japan, Europe and Brazil (the locatons of the various versions of Lunia.)

Since not everyone here has heard of this MMORPG, here's a quick run down of the types of characters that already exist.

Sieg - Warrior/Knight
Eir - Healer
Dainn - Wizard
Tia - Thief/Rogue
Lime - Slime
Dacy - Puppeteer
Arien - Archer
Yuki - Ice Mage
Krieg - Paladin/Templar
Asuka - Dual-sword wielder
Kali - Bard
Ryan - Gunner
Ralph - Fighter/Boxer
Dark Eir - Think of a "dark" version of a Healer. Something like a Necromancer.
Gaon - Spearman
Arta - Engineer

Here are some character ideas if anyone would consider entering this contest. These are just a few off the top of my head that Lunia doesn't have yet. You're obviously free to create your own.
-Fire Mage

Previous Contest Winner and Runner-Ups:
(Engineer + Spearman)

Sample Entries:

Where do you go to enter this contest?

Is there a prize?
Yes, but it hasn't been revealed yet.
Judging by previous contests, you'll most likely win something "real" like a poster, plushie doll, certificate of some sort, etc. AND something "virtual" for the game like a specialized item or something of that sort.

I have absolutely no affiliation with Ijji, NHN, ALLM or any subsidiary involved with this contest. I also have absolutely no artistic talent (that's why I'm bringing this to the attention of various art communities) but I've been playing this MMORPG for 3+ years, so if you'd like to collaborate as to what might work or wouldn't feel free to ask me for advice. I checked out some of the stuff people here submit and there's many great artists here and I figure this would be an interesting venue in which you all could get your art out there. And if you win, you wouldn't just have the bragging rights for having your art viewed by thousands of people on a daily basis and some prize, but you'd be making plenty of people happy by contributing something unique to the game.