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Thread: C.O.W. #189_Glass Rings_Voting!

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    C.O.W. #189_Glass Rings_Voting!

    C.O.W. #189 Glass Rings_Voting!



    Topic: Glass Rings Maker

    Deadline for the voting: Saturday October 16th 2010

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    Artist: ScaryPotato

    Concept: Ring-Mouthed Stormeater

    This creature consumes the nutrients carried in the sandstorms of Arrion 4. A glass 'skeleton' is the result of the sand it ingests, the most notable feature of this skeleton being its huge glass ring/mouth. When a beast dies and decays, the only sign left in the barren dunes is the immense glass ring, and a small oasis that forms around the ring's base. The nomads that wander the planet celebrate upon spotting a glass ring in the distance as they know that soon, shelter and fresh food will be theirs. Think of it as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

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    Arrion Lavapede

    Artist Potbelly
    Concept: Arrion Lavapede
    The Arrion Lavapede can grow up to 50 meters in length, thoughout there lives they spend 70% of it near the planets core, at temperatures
    over 5000oC, only coming to the planets surface to feed and breed. Caves can be found in remote Area's, clues to the locations are found
    by glass holes, that are burnt into the sand via the creatures.
    Considerd non agressive but its recomended to keep your distance from them unless you fancy being flash baked.

    ok this my Final, gonna have to more work on how to paint scenery, def my weakness at present... but hey we all works in progress, thanx for the Extension :-)
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    Artist: (lark

    Concept: sledirions (the rolling mystics of arrion 4)

    Attachment 1075525

    the sledirions of arrion 4 were a gigantic race that roamed the desert plains. they moved around on their large wheel like appendages, pushing themselves along with their powerful forearms. the "wheel" appendages are attached onto a central bone structure that runs through their body. the bone fits into a free moving but snug socket in the center of the wheels, giving free mobility to spin easily. the wheels, over the lifespans of the sledirions (which could be extremely long, up to 500-600 years) picked up sand on the edges. because of the friction from the rolling, the compacted weight of the creatures, and the extreme heat of arrion 4, the sand formed a glass build up where their wheels rolled.

    the native people came to worship them as a sort of deity, and their shamans would seek them out on religious quests to find guidance in their very harsh world. the sledirions being a very gentle,and wise species, were indeed able to communicate with the natives. but only to tell them one thing, that if they wanted to gain their knowledge, they would have to find their glass rings in the deep desert once they were gone. and that the glass would yield their intelligence to them if they were able to find it.

    the sledirions eventually went extinct, quite suddenly and with no explanation. and the rings as of yet have not been found by the natives.

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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Arrion Sand Swimmer

    <Records of Dr. Alan Gerrard><Entry12:12/23/2561><Arrion 4>
    >14:23<>Today I encountered an anomaly while exploring the dunes about 3 days from base camp. A large glass hole in a dune... the glass extended upwards in a splash-like formation. Samples seem to suggest the glass is simply made from the sand around it. Somehow it was superheated and rapidly cooled while in motion...
    >23:06<>Large tremors are distrurbing my pack Gwaza, I am heading to a nearby dune to see if I can spot the source from the summit.
    >23:14<>I think I have found the source of the glass! There is life in these dunes. Massive beasts comprised of rocky-carapace and what seems to be... magma. They seem to burst out of the dunes and dive back in, much like dolphins in the water back on Earth. As their superheated bodies exit the sand the molten sand around them splashes outwards. Thanks to the planet's -75ºC night-temperatures, the molten sand cools, instantly hardening into rough glass! I must travel back to base camp to organize a full research expedition to learn more about these beasts.
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    Artist :Lodin

    concept :Huge Sand Tarantula is a spider who secrete glass spines to protect her-self, and when the time has come to lay her eggs, she molt her abomen to create a nest with the same protection. With the time, the chitine desappear but the glass rest in place to become these strange rings.

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    Artist: JanJager

    Concept: Oasis flower
    Water is rare on Arrion 4

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    Wooow Great entries so far!!!

    Here is mine!

    Kirsten Nuyts: Kir
    Concept: Giant Ring Worm

    The Giant Ring Worm...With his 'feet' he moves verry slowly over the big sandy surface of the planet. His feet crush the sand together and under the big pressure; rings of glass are formed.
    The huge beast is worshipped by many civilisations. No one knows it s exacts age but they can get verry verry old....When it dies all that remains are glassy rings in the sand

    Attachment 1076202Attachment 1077434
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    Artist: Lach-land

    Concept: Arrion Desert Giant
    ]Desert giants are massive octopedal creatures that roam the deserts of Arrion 4. The giant glassy carapace shelters and protects the creature, but its key function is in the production of what is effectively a ground penetrating radar- which it uses to search for food/prey. The huge pad like feet distribute the creatures weight on the sand but also are used to sense the reflected radar effect/or the movement of prey under the sands. Once prey is located tentacles are sent into the sand to retrieve them. Each foot is equipped with a large digging claw to dig for prey in regions where the ground is more solid,or to break the surface where a crust has formed.
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    Artist: Ragnj

    Concept: iArrian Angeli
    "The iArrian Angeli lives a long life, sometimes for centuries. Its name arise from the mighty silluette of an angel it create when traveling the heavens, its shiny glass horns appearing as a glowing halo in the bright burning starlight. When the Angelis sense its on the verge of passing on, it, like the elephants on earth, travel back to all Angelis graveplanet, Arrion4, to sleep for eternity. Leaving as only trace of its existence the halo glasshorn in the desert sand."
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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: sunfisher
    Sunfishers, despite their colloquial naming, do not fish the sun. Rather they float on the winds of their desert planet using long tentacles to draw any living prey up into their digestive sacs to fuel both their massive floating bodies and also the gasses that allow their slow floating flight across the landscape...
    Much like a cuttlefish of earth; the only part of their bodies to last after their deaths are the ballast; balancing rings of glass that grow within their bodies all their lives.
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    Artist: Arbinn

    Concept: Smoke Bunny

    Smoke bunnies earned their name with their huge hindlegs and smoking glass spines. The creatures start forming a glass ring soon after birth and the ring grows with them as they grow older. The ring is formed with a combination of snot that has enzymes which disintegrate the sand and a very high body temperature that helps with the melting but is not enough alone. Some of the sand will inevitably end up inside the creature. This sand concentrates in the spine, turns glass over time and bursts through the skin as the bunny grows older. In addition of supporting the creature the spine also transports majority of the blood, different enzymes and chemicals. The glass spikes that form on the creature are slightly hollow as different fumes and gases that the creature's extremely active and hot metabolism produces escape through them.

    It is not certain why the smoke bunnies roll glass rings throughout their lives. The rings may help the creature move since they have such small and weak front legs or they may help the bunnies navigate since they are blind and certainly feel the substance under the ring. But the best suggestion is that the rings have a psycholocigal effect for the creatures since the ones that have lost their rings start to act in a strange manner and apparently become depressed even to the point where they commit suicide. The bunnies are also horrified by downhills where the rings may slip from their grip.
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    Artist: Homerid

    Concept: Arrion Titan Leech

    The Arrion Titan Leech is the only living species on the surface of Arrion 4, most living organisms on the planet live in underground tunnels due to the scorching temperatures.
    The creature has developed a temperature resistant shell that allows them to walk in the surface. To feed itself the creature embeds its mouth in the ground, and using its three jaws equipped with strong teeth they remove the sand and dirt to open their way to the underground tunnels where other creatures live.
    Their saliva has strong corrosive properties that helps dissolve their food and rocks. Once the creature finishes feeding, it walks away leaving a hole in the ground, surrounded by their saliva, that, in contact with the high temperatures and radiation from the sun, crystallizes to a diamond type material.
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