First, let me thank you for taking the time to read this posting

I do have a favor to ask of the ConceptArt community. It’s an odd favor, and I wouldn’t be insulted if you turned it down (jut to preface). My fiancée and I are getting married on 10-10-10, and want to have a very personal-touch filled wedding. We’re also flat broke. Would you be interested, if you had some spare time, in doing a picture for us? If you would be interested, we would be honored to have a framed copy of your work at our guest-book table. we'd love to have a variety of different artists/mediums/themes/styles to have a "wedding art gallery" look to the reception.

If you are interested in helping out “in the name of love,” let me know and I’ll send you some pictures of us for the project.

Thanks in advance!