1. How much do you make?

2. What is the best thing about the job?

3. What is the worst thing about the job?

4. Any schooling involved?

5. How many years of schooling is common?

6. What school did you go to?

7. What inspired you to be a comic artist?

8. Hows the job availability?

9. What are common work hours?

10. Are you inside all the time?

11. Are you sitting in one spot all the time?

12. Are you alone while you work?

13. What would you say would be a good thing to do to be ready for this job?

14. What are some good places for the job? for example is it better to be one in California or Florida?

15. also I am in central florida am I in good job options?

16. Any tips on how to get recognized as a comic artist?

17. What are common promotions after being a comic artist for a long time ?

18.What are these pros and cons of the promotions?

19.Freelance vs in house ?

20.Can ya do the work at home?

21. How long do freelance projects last?

22. What kind of alternate jobs are available other than drawing for comic books? How do they differ?

23.What was your longest and shortest workweek? If you can, include daily hours?

24. What are good spots to look into to find who needs an artist?