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Thread: kick my ass

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    kick my ass

    kick my ass
    come on down and kick my ass, I don't expect praise here, too many mistakes anyway. Background for the character is she's a cow.. that's pretty much it. One dude's intepretation is her fighting some evil ronald McDonald (hamburger meat=family) but who cares. While we're at it this below is a 25min head study about 8 inches high, maybe if I present this I'll show I'm not completely hopeless huh? Ok just 9999 more to go...kick my ass

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    her boobs are a bit.. well .. not sure what is happening with them!

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    manga/hentai like...

    ( nudity )


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    saw the top one while in prgress. The light around her chest looks better, but it sorta looks like there's something flying around her now. Maybe some more shadow or something needed to emphasise it.
    Not sure what sort of cows u have where u are. They definatly don't look like that here.
    The head looks good, but they eyes are a little strange.

    Grinner, just in reply to something u asked me, I don't know Dan Douglas. I don't really see many Aussies around here (or at least they don't stand out), let alone any other Tasmanians. I'm not in the art circles around here.
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