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    umbinc's sketchbook

    Since everyone seems to have one and I haven't got any place to show my sketches anyways, so here it goes. Feedback is welcomed as the main reason for this sketchbook for me - is learning. From what you might have to say, to advice, etc.
    Here's some stuff from my DA scrapbook:
    Name:  goblin_and_cards_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 493
Size:  395.1 KB
    the oldest one since high school, the card-playing goblin
    Name:  The_Not_So_Dangerous_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 484
Size:  87.2 KB
    also from high school, some warrior chick
    Name:  random_sketches_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 498
Size:  126.8 KB
    sketches for the game(all except two on the lower left) we've just finished making. the concept of the game was completely rewritten, so those are not included and it's ok to post it.
    Name:  random_sketches_2_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 493
Size:  145.4 KB
    Same here, except for Fallout's Harold in the lower middle and cat creature from Perfect World mmo on the lower right, which could be considered the fanart.
    Name:  random_sketches_5_by_GBoris.jpg
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Size:  81.9 KB
    Lewis Carroll's characters done for the heck of it.
    Name:  random_sketches_6_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 463
Size:  79.2 KB
    Faces - some from the real world, some from my ill mind.
    Name:  random_sketches_7_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 518
Size:  100.1 KB
    Creature concept I've done for Tamriel Rebuilt mod for TES4Oblivion - Hammerfell part of it.
    Name:  me_and_my_cat_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 469
Size:  70.3 KB
    Me and my cat. His name is House and he is adorable, yet annoying little kitty.

    Last edited by umbinc; October 4th, 2010 at 11:08 AM.
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    There's another angry guy. Tomorrow I'l get my sketchbook from work and there should be much more.
    Name:  img023.jpg
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Size:  186.9 KB

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    Hey, welcome to the! It's always nice to have here fellow russian artist. You've got some skills and moves already (as stylized character look decent). My advice will be simple - study anatomy. Even if you're planning to do more cartoon-ish art, knowing human anatomy is essential for any artist. So do studies, as much as possible, and just don't stop.

    This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.
    My CA Sketchbook
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    Go and visit them:

    Odayga's Sketchbook of wonderfull creatures
    Kostas's Sketchbook of great comitment to art
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    Hi Umbinc. Welcome to CA and thanks for stopping by my sketchbook. You have nice cartoonish style with characters. The one with you and your cat is excellent. Only thing though. The cat looks too simple compared to rest of the picture. Last guy is great with his bony fingers. Keep posting!

    My sketchbook here:
    (some nudity may occur)
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    Hey there. You have a good start to a sketchbook here! I like your fly-man design and the tall skinny man with the cat on his shoulder. It's also good that you're playing around with grotesque faces.

    It looks like you're heading in the right direction. Be careful about putting the lines between teeth in on women, it emphasizes the teeth -- all right if you want to give them character, but too much contrast if you want to make them look attractive. Otherwise it's mostly a matter of what proportions and shapes work the best, and you'll find that through a lot of experimentation.

    Good luck!

    *** Sketchbook * Landscapes * Portfolio * Store***

    "There are two kinds of students: the self-taught and the hopeless."
    - Dr. Piotr Rudnicki
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    Wonderful sketch book start!
    Thank you for showing some of your earlier works too.

    It'll be fun looking back on those when you'll reach 50 pages or so
    Those sketches for the game look good! Were they done in pen?

    N thank you for visiting my sb.

    Sketchbook - I really appreciate comments and critique, please visit!

    Danny_K Icecold

    "Good artists are the crappy artists who never gave up!!"
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    I like the cartoon of you and your cat. Hope you're not offended by the use of the term 'cartoon'. I consider myself a cartoonist as well as illustrator. So it's meant to be positive. The weird 'fly' creature is pretty creepy looking.

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    Seraph Fawkes, Yesss... Anatomy. Gotta learn so much... Will do.
    Myllys, thanks)
    vineris, thanks for the tips, I'll remember that next time.
    BlackDelphin, yes, that is pen
    davebeaty, thanks))
    As I promised - more works to come)
    Name:  facesandfatman.jpg
Views: 452
Size:  310.0 KB
    More random cartoonish faces - I love drawing that stuff - and creepy fat goblin for some reason.
    Name:  foresterandcreeper.jpg
Views: 438
Size:  240.6 KB
    ANother portion of concepts for a completely reworked game - unused. Creature resembling someone from ff and a goblin. That year was defenetely a year of goblins.
    Name:  girlandmech.jpg
Views: 463
Size:  156.7 KB
    An anime-ish girl and a mech - something I never realy draw. The mech I mean. Not anime girl.
    Name:  goblingeneral.jpg
Views: 436
Size:  73.1 KB
    The general of all goblinkind. The design I'm proud of for some reason. I mean - I've drawn many goblins that year and only this one - I love.
    Name:  goblinkingandhouse.jpg
Views: 418
Size:  115.6 KB
    King of goblins and.. err... maybe dr. House?
    Name:  gremlinandstuff.jpg
Views: 410
Size:  91.0 KB
    SOme silly gremlin and shaman stuff
    Name:  gunguyandwarrior.jpg
Views: 427
Size:  137.9 KB
    The guy with the gun and some warrior creature based on the tribesman I had in Spore game)
    Name:  jester.jpg
Views: 405
Size:  72.4 KB
    Jester goblin.
    Name:  plainweird.jpg
Views: 401
Size:  72.5 KB
    Randomness as it is.
    Name:  weirdos.jpg
Views: 381
Size:  86.3 KB
    Most recent addition to weird heads collection.

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    Hey there, you've made a great start on your sketchbook. Niice
    I can see you've got plenty of imagination, so that's no problem

    At the moment I can give you two advices.
    1. Draw, draw, draw! Sitting still wont help you improve
    2. Buy an anatomy book as soon as possible, they really help a lot, next to drawing from life. I can advice buying a book from either Loomis or Bridgeman. (or both ) IF you dont know what I mean, be sure to ask

    Keep the good stuff rolling!

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    My advice is to get Andrew Loomis Figuredrawing. Google it and you'll find a pdf, I use that one all the time. Also draw from photos for studying anatomy, that's a great way to do it too.

    Other than that, keep pushing out stuff. And try your best to switch between imagination work and studies.

    Thanks for stepping by my sketchbook too by the way.

    Have a great day !

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    Hey, really cool characters here, love the alien the best! Keep up the great concepts, hope to see more soon!

    My SketCheZ

    And Check Out These Awesome Artists:

    Lang Oulk
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    Some colored ones go here. People mainly.
    Name:  Sketchy_portrait_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 369
Size:  416.5 KB
    Old sketch I drawn a while ago colored digitally.
    Name:  Explode_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 352
Size:  55.3 KB
    Completely random.
    Name:  Freezing_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 361
Size:  64.4 KB
    While I was in the hospital couple of years ago. It was cold.
    Name:  random_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 342
Size:  188.5 KB
    Girls from unversity's first grade.
    Name:  Amanda_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 400
Size:  158.2 KB
    Amanda from Kyle XY
    Name:  Ex_schoolmate_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 367
Size:  59.8 KB
    Old friend of mine back from art school.
    Name:  Soul_by_GBoris.jpg
Views: 358
Size:  418.7 KB
    The only concept art-ish thing I've done so far - some kind of ghost maybe) Or maybe just me in my most melancholic mood.

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    cool updates I like the last one, he look 3d modelled almost. keep it up

    Cheers/ your friend PMB

    "Painting my brain with memories of the future"
    Pencil and brush is my choice of weapons!

    My Sketchbook!
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