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    IDW # 139 : Orbital-Agri Ship - FINALS!

    IDW # 139 Topic: Orbital-Agri Ship
    Deadline: Wednesday, September 22
    Rounds are usually closed around midnight GMT


    1. Post your finals in this thread. Please refrain from comments and critiques until the polls are up, those post will be removed.

    2. Only post your image and (optional when not required) a description of your concept. Don't clutter up your posts with other images and/or text please.

    3. USE THE ATTACHMENT MANAGER (post reply > go advanced > attachement manager - and use the paperclip icon to embed the image)! This way no images get lost over time.


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    This is an aeroponics craft that doubled as the initial colonist transport to Fumi (a planet I'm developing as my own project). So it wouldn't go to waste once they arrived, it served as a backup food production craft, as well as a haven for the overflow of colonists who couldn't all be fed (initially) from the planet itself. Components that were not needed have been removed. It is a modular design, able to link up with other crafts that come in the future, offering trade and variety to the farm workers.

    Technical info:
    ---All of them are based on the use of centripetal force as artificial gravity. As you make your way to the center, the level of gravity decreases. Their spin speed is controlled by directional boosters around the circumference of the ring(s).
    ---Humans live in quarters near the outside, to take advantage of the highest gravity, which is about 9 mps.
    ---Most of the space is broken into smaller quadrants, to facilitate air circulation and exchange.
    ---Different types of plants are grown in the levels beneath, mainly with the use of "aeroponics" which is like hydroponics, except it uses nutrient mists instead of liquid nutrients in order to supplement plants. Much lighter and more efficient, and already being developed by NASA.
    ---Certain plants require gravity to grow properly, while others (like cabbage) actually thrive when in low/zero gravity! So the plants requiring gravity are the outermost, while those that don't need/want it are grown nearer to the center.
    ---I was planning for power to come from fusion with a backup of nuclear, which takes place in the gravity-free "core" of the ships. (Only one has a flexible particle accelerator tube for making their own anti-matter, but that was just on a whim.)
    ---Most of my more developed designs have a smaller section that counters the rotation of the main part. This is the dock, as it allows ferry ships to safely board.
    ---The hind and nose are opposing electromagnets, which work together to create a magnetic field (much like the Earth's one) that protects the ship from a star's radiation and the mutations that ensue, as well as electrical damage from flares.
    ---The round part of the nose also acts as a magnetic scoop, sucking in all the tiny particles floating in space before they have a chance to hit a ship that's going 1/4 the speed of light (which might do some serious damage)!

    Well... I certainly hope I'm not the only one entering here! (And if I am, could I still get that little gear thingy next to my name?)
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