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    Cintiq 21 or citniq 12?

    I am considering buying a cintiq pretty soon and would like some opinions as to which one I should get. I am an art student, but certainly still an amateur. I don't have a lot of money but my generous grandparents will help me buy either the cintiq 12 or the cintiq 21 (I would of course have to save up a while if I wanted the larger one). I wouldn't mind the smaller screen though i tend to like a larger sketchbook, but I am more concerned about the tracking and color problems people have with the smaller one. Should I just save up for the larger one, or go ahead and buy the smaller one? Thank you for any advice.

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    I was in the same dilemma last week. I have chosen not to get cintiq12 and just continue using my intuos4.

    Huge price
    colour issues
    shaky edges
    hand in the way and I want to do environment paintings
    rotate as you need
    only 1024 pressure levels compared to my 2048 on intuos4

    the 21" has even bigger price (as expected)
    not sure about the colour issues on it
    apparently the bigger displays have less noticeable shaking
    the hand still in the way but doesn't cover as much
    2048 pressure levels
    lots of buttons
    you can rotate it as you need

    Until wacom releases a cintiq12 with fixes for my reasons not to buy, I won't purchase and just continue using standard tablets.

    Also if you are going to go ahead and buy one, I'd suggest try it before you buy it. You never know what your tastes are until you taste it (play with it). I have read some great artists prefer not to use them but that comes to down to personal choice. Hope this helped you

    Edit: I just read that using a cintiq 12/21 character designing benefits and matte painting doesn't

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    I've been wanting a Cintiq for a while now and my husband bought one for me after getting our tax refund.

    I got the 12wx, which is big enough for me... at the moment. I like that I can draw on the screen, and I'm not using alot of pressure on it as I did with my Graphire so the 1028 pressure is fine with me.

    My only problem I had with it was that sometimes the drivers don't load up and I have to open up my Services program and restart the TabletPen drivers for it to work. Of course I had an old computer back then.

    I personally like the Cintiq, considering that I can't go out and buy art supplies like I use to, but the Cintiq is not really for everyone.

    As viisi said, try before you buy it. If you like how it handles and you're comfortable with it, then it'd be worth investing money into it.
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