Art: Vanja Todoric Art - UPDATE 11.09.2013 (Fearful Tales - Hansel and Gretel)
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Thread: Vanja Todoric Art - UPDATE 11.09.2013 (Fearful Tales - Hansel and Gretel)

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    Vanja Todoric Art - UPDATE 11.09.2013 (Fearful Tales - Hansel and Gretel)

    Hello there,
    I decided to put all of my work in one place, so from now on you' can check all my new stuff in this thread.

    Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red started off as one of the tasks I was doing for my Academy studies,
    my Professor really liked it and suggested to do a storyboard for the entire fairy tale.
    In this version there is no hunter who comes and rescues granny and the little girl in the end, ... wolf eats them, story over.
    This is the main reason why the girl has a scull instead of a face ( a "walking dead" metaphor), and why all other illustrations are present in a more spookier manner.

    Goldie Locks And The Three Bears

    Here is the final image i have submitted for the CGsociety XXIV "Secret Agent" challenge.


    - The World famous POTATO PORRIDGE factory gets a anonymous tip of a "Mama Bears Home Made P.Porridge" that tastes so good, the sources say it may endanger the existence of their factory and brand.
    - After losing trace of six of their finest agents, the board of directors sends agent "G" (aka Goldie Locks) to try infiltrate and steal the recipe for "MBHMPP".
    - While The Bears are away, agent "G" sneaks into their home, finds the recipe but the problem suddenly appears ... the SECRET INGREDIENT part is missing

    - In order to find out what the secret ingredient is, she starts tasting the porridges served on the table. They taste so good but she is unable to make out the secret ingredient part.
    - All of a sudden her eyes feel very heavy, she tries to fight it as long as she can, but eventually she drops on the bed near by, and in that moment the missing pieces of the puzzle reveal the horror, that is her soon to be future ...

    - The bears are the ones responsible for the anonymous tip, bears are the ones who tricked agent "G" into tasting the porridge with the sleeping potion in it, and the secret ingredient, ... secret ingredients are secret agent body parts

    Hope you guys like it,

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