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    C.O.W. #188_Simple Slimy_Voting!

    C.O.W. #188 Simple Slimy - VOTING!!



    Topic: Simple Slimy

    Deadline for the voting: Monday October 4th 2010

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    Artist: porcupine

    Concept: Muluan Gua Lendir
    The Muluan Gua Lendir has developed a special type of organs that effectively breaks down the chitin and other undigestible parts of their prey into a thick mucus that is covering their entire body, prevents their delicate skin from dehydration and gives effective protection against predators because of its foul odour and taste. This nocturnal carnivore is native to the large caves of Borneo and its main diet consists of insects and small vertebraes.
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    Artist: JanJager

    Concept: Slimamander
    This blind and toothless scavenger had to cover its food with slime before swallow it through its trunk.

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    Simple Slimy

    Artist: Thujon

    Concept: Mucus maximus

    In the caves of Borneo has been made an astonishing discovery.
    An unknown species now called "Mucus maximus"has nested in the caves. Through millenia, undisturbed by men it has developped through evolution and has built up a very unique skillset.

    Its defense mechanism is also its reprodution way. This slimy creature never stops producing slime which filled with sperms and other slimy liquids. The slimes smell is very strong and it is very slippery. Like that no creature actually wants to feed of these creatures. And if they wanted they cannot reach the creature. With its spiked legs it has a good footing on the ground...
    Females never actually see its reproduction partner. Beacause of the slimes stark smell it can be found easily. As if not enough they have 3 nostrils on each side of the face...

    They are herbivores and eat only moss like plants, which allow to produce even more slime due to their complex digestion system, which can actually be seen.

    // Sorry for my bad english :-), was real fun, thanks!!!!

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    Concept: Borneo Slime-spitter

    This jumping creature lives deep inside the Borneo caves, and they hardly ever see the sunlight. They are blind but have a developed sense of smell and hearing, and can detect even the most delicate ground vibrations through its long fingers. It uses a toxic slime that produces inside its body, spouting it through its nostrils to immobilize and catch small preys including bugs and smaller salamanders. It also uses it to digest its preys, and as a defense mechanism against predators.

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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Blundering Gramdomph

    Discovered dwelling in the caves in the jungles of Borneo was the curious species, the Blundering Gramdomph. Being somewhere between pachyderm and reptile, the Gramdomph is most notable for its distinctive, orange (highly visible) digestive system. The Gramdomph's diet relies almost entirely on the Gramdomph root, and its life revolves around the root. Emerging from its 18 hour-a-day nap in a cool cave, the Blundering Gramdomph will seek out a spot to dig for the large root, using it's tusks and lower front teeth. Upon finding it, the beast will chew it two to three times, swallow it and proceed to puke violently from large spouts built into it's vertebra. The Gramdomph root is both very spicy and mildly poisonous. This, combined with the amount of dirt ingested from the digging process has created the Blundering Gramdomph's unique digestive system. It's digestive system is comprised mostly of a giant, orange bile sac, with several livers floating within it. It quickly breaks down the anything within it. A small organ sorts the poisonous materials out and funnels them to the spouts in the vertebra or to the secondary and tertiary spouts if the amount of poison is particularly large. The poisoned bile is then expelled out, usually into the forest around and onto the beast itself. This bile serves as a protective deterrent, to ensure the large beast is less of a target for would-be predators. The bile is extremely pungent in addition to being poisonous and corrosive.

    Pictured: The Blundering Gramdomph rushes to a nearby watering hole after swallowing a particularly spicy Gramdomph root.
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    Borneo Bile Bug

    Artist: Potbelly

    Concept: Borneo Bile Bug
    From deep within the caves of Borneo, the bile bug thrives feeding on fallen animals that fall into the small but deep caves under the jungle, the bile the creatures uses helps to find prey in the cave, and also helps digest, as it has a simple digestive system, most bile bugs grow no bigger than a human size thumbnail.

    This is my first Submission to COW, figured I need to get my head back in the game, was alot of fun, looking forward to the next one, which i can aply more time to.
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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: SkinThinner

    Slime is so useful.
    It smells pretty and tastes wonderful; who doesn't like playing in slime?
    The SkinThinner likes to share its slime with everyone! Makes everything better it does, like tomatoe sauce does for processed meatproducts...
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    Borneo Slime Monster

    Artist: vaghauk

    Concept: Borneo Slime Monster
    the Borneo Slime Monster is an giant amphibious creature that dwells in the caves at the shores of the Mahakam river.
    It is omnivorous but it got no teeth.the abundant slime it segregates is corrosive and the creature uses it to dissolve its prey into an softer substance which is easier to absorb.It is androgynous and it hatches dozens of eggs on its own back-enbedded in slimy "egg-warts".
    It is believed that the Borneo Slime Monsters where the result of genetical experiments conducted in an now abandoned,secret research center near the Mahakam river.
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    Artist: ScaryPotato

    Concept: Kalimantani Jellyphant
    Off the coast of Borneo is a lush island where the forest canopy grows so dense that no light reaches the ground. Over eons, animals here have evolved to handle the strange conditions. Many would-be herbivores have adapted to consume flesh, as no leafy plants can survive in the perpetual darkness. The largest of these is the Elephas Carnivosa, or Kalimantani Jellyphant. A distant cousin of the Asiatic elephant, it moves through the darkness in search of its next meal. Too large to actively hunt, they are typically considered scavengers, though there are reports of Jellyphants flooding termite colonies with slime, then slurping up the termite-festooned ooze. Most commonly though, the slime produced from their nasal glands is used to cover any carcasses they find, sealing in the odor that would otherwise attract other hungry rivals, as well as preventing further decay from exposure to the tropical air.

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    Artist: (lark

    Concept: subterranean skeet beast

    Attachment 1069305

    living deep in the jungles of Borneo, the subterranean skeet beast resides primarily in underground tight spaced tunnels (for itself at least, considering it's average size is that of a buffalo) that it burrows over the course of its life.

    through-out the tunnels it launches a highly viscous fluid that coats its lairs walls and floor. the fluid has a few functions. one, it's used in a similar way as spiderweb in that it entangles and captures prey that then becomes easy pickins for the skeet beast. the fluid (or skeet as the natives call it) also has a very powerful aphrodisiac scent that attracts many small mammals to it such as rabbit, squirrel, and in some cases larger mammals such as venison.

    once this spurtting nightmare feeds on its poor prey, it digests the meat and sinew for nutrition, but processes the bones and fur within itself into a further supply of skeet which it stores in its large transparent sac near its back. when the skeet is ready to be used again, it constricts its sac, and forces the skeet to jizz out 4 sphincters located around the top and side of its head, spurting and coating its lair for the next prey to fall into its debaucherous trap.

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    Artist: KirNuyts
    Concept: Cave Slimer
    This little creature attracts flies and little bugs in his neon green slime, wich he produces trough his several nostrals (yummie). It can even make a slime web! The flies go into the light and the slimer grabs them out with his huge claw on his head. They live in caves and travell in groups. They are the size of a hedgehog and don t seem to be verry aggresive...tough no one ever dares to enter their caves!
    Attachment 1069311

    Thanks for the tip with the fly guys!!!! it is really usefull...I am going to try to finish the fly in it but for now i need a break... i didn t had time to put up a background; Thanks!!!! alll good entries I will vote for you guys!
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    Artist: Edward B

    Concept: Borneo cave dweller
    The Cave dwellers of Borneo secretes a sticky mucus all around its lair deep within the caves, the slimy goo lures prey into the cave
    as it mimics pheromones possessed by other creatures. The Cave dweller then catapults its slimy tongue much like a chameleon in order to quickly attack and devour its prey.

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    Artist: Shockowaffel

    Concept: Cave-Fisher
    This little guy produces a lot of very sticky and flexible slime through the skin of its tail. It fixes the slime at the cave wall or pillars and jumps to other places, weaving lines of slime through the cave, on which it can sit an fish insects with its sticky glowing tail.

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    Artist: Skullbeast

    Concept: Borvakian croc
    Borvakian crocs wait near the shore and poison the water with a deadly ooze. Later they swim downstream to collect their meals.
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