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Thread: Ninja Gaiden

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    Ninja Gaiden

    I just had to say that this game is so much fun. I love it. I'm so glad I conned my friend into buying it, weeeeeee combos! it's kind of frustrating though. not easy. i am a tard.

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    Yeah, the game absolutely rocks, especially with everything being ninja (ninja village and ninja fortress ). But the first boss was extremly hard, we gave up after some tries and had to rest til next day to beat him.

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    This game has some freakish hold on me.. I seriously can't stop playing it for any good length of time. I'm on chapter 12 on my second run through (strangely enough, suddenly it feels completely easy the second time.. I've done these 12 chapters in just around 4 hours, didn't even need to use any items for the first 3 chapters). That's what great about this game.. it makes you better.. it constantly ups the challenge thru each level as you get better, so it's always difficult.. of course you might not realize just how good you've become until you go back to the early levels.

    Yes.. this game has got to have the best action of any game I've played. All the weapons are absolutely great.... and the combos/moves.... *drool* I'm always finding new combos that I never used on the first run through, and this is just with the Dragon Sword.. I haven't even had the chance to mess around much with the other great weapons... the Kitetsu is absolutely amazing though.

    Dammit.. I got it bad. Oh well, random cool tip, throwing the windmill shuriken during an air combo will always give an instant decapitation.. it's fun stuff.

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    this game ROCKS!!!!! i just got i today, AMAZING cgi cutscenes, PERFECT gameplay. combos are great, so much variety, yay.(turns into a ninja, totally flips out and cuts peoples heads off) whoa.

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    yep,, its awsome.. the anims and combos look great and the general controls are really articulate and really intuative.

    still, there is something about the game as a whole that is lacking.. i cant quite put my finger on it.. i got pretty far then put it down and havnt been compelled to pick it back up since.

    one major complaint is that the game gets way too hard way too soon..


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