Ok so here's what up.

Ill try to keep it short.

Currently using: Wacom cintiq 12wx at home, wacom bamboo with a slightly annoying damaged surface at school.

the cintiq 12wx has it flaws ( 2 point calibration , colours )
and the bamboo is.. tiny, and did i mention it is damaged ?

I travel for many hours everyday by train, and although i have a sketchbook, it is just not as fun as drawing with a tablet.
And i've tried working with my laptop combined with a bamboo, but that doesnt work eighter. ( train tables are small, laptop is huge .. and the laptop burns my legs when i put it on my lap )


now here are a several things i could do.

A. buy an ipad combined with pogo stylus ( i've heard both good and bad things about it )
B. buy a slate tablet PC ( some are quite expensive though )

A. iPad

now I've tried the brushes app on my ipod touch with my finger, and it worked quite well ( see attachment )
although colour blending does suck without presure sensitivity

so since the ipad is bigger, does it work better for drawing?
What is the max resolution ?
Is it easy to export drawings to my PC, and edit in photoshop ?
does inklet pressure sensitivity by ten-one-design work on the ipad, if not do you think pressure sensitivy will be enabled in the future ?

B. slate tablet PC's

are there other slate tablet pc's that are better for drawing while traveling?
Is a tablet PC better then the 12wx cintiq ? , should i sell it ?
what model would you recommend ? ( not too expensive ;p )

now if none of those work out, then i guess i should force myself to draw with penscil and paper again, and replace my damaged bamboo for a intious 4.

but still,

i'd rly like to know what you recommend me to do

( i've tried to keep it should, but failed.)

thank you.