"Daz Studio" and "Poser" are 3D applications for the computer to tool to design unique digital art and animation using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments, costumes with the possibility of reactions to simulate physical influences: gravity, wind, motion, collision with other objects, folds. Having recently I committed to examining the possibilities of such software for the purpose which is discussed in this forum, I am as optimistic as to its provision of references as the basis for works of art and illustration.

Your views will be helpful to me.

PS: Do not just leave you here this suggestion, I would like to find threads or posts where someone more is involved in these programs with the purpose mentioned earlier, where they exemplify and exhibit their work and progress - after I try with the search engine found nothing about it, but I suspect there are more users here who use this software as a basis for creating virtual references to support their work of art, and I'd be very interested to know and follow: I thanked those who left me here the links to those threads if any!.