Sketchbook: Sharon's Sketchbook (2010 - 20??)
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Thread: Sharon's Sketchbook (2010 - 20??)

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    Arrow Sharon's Sketchbook (2010 - 20??)

    Hello! Long time lurker here. I'm confused about which path to take, so you'll find bits of gesture/figure drawing, still life, digital, traditional, cartoons, animation, comics and illustration here.. Your critique is very valuable to me and I'll work my best to improve!

    Well. The old intro sounds cheesy. So I changed it.

    2010 (Hi all, its me again, with a new sketchbook. But a new challenge too.. This is a race (probably a never ending one) between my buddy MiladThaha and me, to see who can keep up with the other and to constantly work on improving our art! I'm going to be working on my drawing, painting, traditional, digital, everything..

    In the beginning, there was this :

    MiladThaha: so here, shake me hand
    how about this?
    i'm gonna compete you
    even though i'm wayy wayyy wayyy wayyyyy behind you, i'm gonna come running
    ~evil laff~

    Sharon J:
    ooo, and i wont make it easy at all

    MiladThaha: uh oh
    and i dont want your sympathy

    Sharon J:
    its a deal!

    MiladThaha: lets roll!

    Sharon J: hell yea! lets kick some art butt! xD

    MiladThaha: duh
    who am i kidding
    no way, i wont let my doubts come through
    someday :o

    Sharon J:

    i have a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go

    Sharon J:
    so do i!! the journey never ends
    and neither do i want it to

    its like this
    i'm on page 1 of mindcandy's page
    and you're on 30 or 40

    Sharon J:

    MiladThaha: but im SOOO there x)

    Sharon J: yea, but its not like i'm sitting around at page 30 or 40 either B-)
    ~eats snicker~

    MiladThaha: hhahahhaa

    Sharon J:

    i'll only know when i up my work though

    Sharon J: make sure you dont bog yourself down with my awesomeness

    no way!

    Sharon J: i'll b uploading a lot more now

    MiladThaha: i may get blind, but that'll only be momentary

    Sharon J: hehehe

    MiladThaha: ouch
    same here
    wait till i get my scanner

    Sharon J:
    bring it on!


    Sharon J: xD i'm so off to draw!

    And so it begins.
    So, though I am a student of fine art, most of what I learn is self taught.. And with this thread, I'm going to stop slacking, set my butt on fire and use the rest of my 1.5 years in college to create some of the best work I've done. Coz my fate hangs entirely upon how I use this precious time O.o

    More on that later.

    Cheers to you MT, may the best artist make it!

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    Hello! I'm trying to improve my artwork and I really could use your critique - S k e t c h b o o k
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