Hello. I'm a senior in high school and I've been compiling the list of schools I want to apply to. I am interested in traditional animation and sequential art but am most interested in illustration, possibly with a biology/science concentration.

So far I've been interested in the following schools:

RISD: Apparently it's one of the best schools for illustration. Also, I visited and I absolutely adore their Nature Lab.

RIT: It's a technology school, but they have a medical illustration program and a game design program I could potentially get connections from.

Syracuse University: I've visited their art facilities and was very impressed. Also, connections and access to science/history courses.

Edinboro University: I haven't visited it yet, but the site says that their animation program is in the top fifteen in the country. I haven't seen much impressive work from the students, but it has experienced faculty (again, according to their website) and it's cheap.

MassArt: I've heard that it is like RISD, only cheaper and in Boston. I plan on visiting very soon.

Has anyone gone to/heard about/considered these schools?