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    Nine's learning to anatomy adventures~

    UM. HEY Y'ALL. I'LL JUST START OFF BY SAYING I AM SCARED AS HELL TO POST MY DERPY DOODLES HERE. So many awesome artists and I'm just like "fhsahjfshj this is scary I'M SCARED" durrr. Be gentle. ; v ;

    Er... about me = I'm currently a sixteen-almost-seventeen year old girl living in Manitoba, Canada. My 17th birthday is at the end of the month, and I graduate highschool next year in the spring. I'm planning on applying at VanArts up in Vancouver for the 2011 course, buuut I'm not quite sure what major I want to choose yet which is silly sounding, I know, because I should be working on my portfolio like now, but instead I'm sitting here dithering and stressing all "OH GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THE REST OF MY LIFE HNNGGFFFFUGH" and... yeah.

    I'd also just like to say... I only started drawing people as a seriously subject within the past two years or so, and even then, very rarely. My lack of anatomical understanding is a weakness I'm trying to overcome after years and years of drawing animals (and making a good buck off it, too), sooo this will be my... journal of scribbles, and hopefully it will encourage me to study anatomy at least once a day, if not more. Yeah, bare with me, I'm kind of crap at the moment.

    Have some scribbles.
    The following bits are life-studies from a life drawing class I took around February (it was a crummy class run by weird space cadet art students, so unfortunately, not THAT much was accomplished in way of learning. Though, I think I did learn something. Sort of. Maybe.)
    I ATTENDED FOR 3 CLASSES so um yeah my proportions are, just a forewarning, hideously terrible.
    Nine's learning to anatomy adventures~
    Nine's learning to anatomy adventures~
    Nine's learning to anatomy adventures~
    Nine's learning to anatomy adventures~
    Nine's learning to anatomy adventures~
    Nine's learning to anatomy adventures~
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    Light years ahead of where I was at when I was 16. Keep it up for sure.

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    cool stuffs but i think that when you raise the arm the scapua rotate
    Nine's learning to anatomy adventures~
    Nine's learning to anatomy adventures~

    hope it helped

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