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    C.O.W. #187_Murderous Intent-Gnixxian Assassin_Voting!

    C.O.W. #187 Murderous Intent-Gnixxian Assassin- VOTING!!



    Topic: Gnixxian Assassin

    Deadline for the voting: Thursday September 23rd 2010

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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Hollowpoint Burrower Mite

    In a series of homicide shootings, police were unable to uncover evidence of where the gunner had been in relation to the victim or even where the bullets had gone afterwards. Only several years later were the cases re-opened when a series of eggs hatched out the bodies of the victims, giving birth to dozens of iridescent burrower mites.

    Gnixx, as a planet, wasn't known to the greater population of Earth for quite a while following its discovery. Researchers wanted to know a good deal about the planet before going public. The burrower mite was discovered fairly early in the research cycle, killing several people after the frequencies from their Bluetooth headsets triggered the Mites into attacking. It was generally agreed upon that douchebags with Bluetooth headsets were expendable, especially for the discovery that if planted in a room with a person carrying a cellular device, the frequency from that device receiving a call would cause the small, but deadly mite to attack; burrowing deep with in the victim, laying it's eggs to incubate as the corpse decomposed and then crawling out the way it came. The Hollowpoint Burrower Mite is one such breed that became particularly popular in political and electronic industry assassinations. The creature's particular size allowed it to mimic, with fair accuracy, a bullet wound from a mid-high caliber handgun. It was partially due to the high profile Burrower Mite assassinations that Researchers were forced to release information to the public about planet Gnixx.
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    Artist: retter

    Concept: The Venomlash

    The Venomlash is a natural assassin; in the wild it would crouch behind it's forearm plates and blend in to the lush, vibrant vegetation of the planet Gnixxian and wait until it's prey within rage before whipping its incredibly powerful barbed-limb at the poor creature and stabbing it with it's poison-filled tip, killing it instantly.

    The Venomlash were initially only hunted and bred by the citizens of Gnixxian for their poison which coated every blade and tipped every arrow but recently, factions have begun warring against one another on Gnixxian and Venomlash are being trained to kill the opposing factions. Camouflaged with paint, the Venomlash are stationed in select areas and are instructed by their trainers to kill on sight. A single Venomlash is capable of taking out an entire platoon of Gnixxian soldiers.
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    Artist: Arri-att

    Concept: LBoAT

    Recently discovered on the planet Gnixxian a creature so deadly, it whiped the whole existence of other spicies on it's homeplanet, surviving through cannibalism for eras. It is considered to be the first intellegent creature found by men in outer galaxy, since individual can effectively use the whole arsenal of means of death, judging on situation. It reacts to surroundings, devides prey, and fights to death spitting poison and throwing attacks in all directions. It sleeps no more then 3 hours.
    The arsenal of the creature includes a set of razorsharp hook-shaped fangs, a pair of poison-filled needle fangs, claws which allow assassin to attach himself to prey, hypnotic gaze, burning and blinding tail. Because of this, it got the nickname of "Living Box of Assassin Tools".

    The best way to kill an assassin is to behead it while in sleep.

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    Artist: Vaejoun

    Concept: Gorebat
    The newest in biological warfare NOW available ! The Gorebat is a small but effective distance killer that can even fly through forests.
    Just load the target into the Brain-CPU using the NERF connection at the tail, and then throw and forget ! If it cant find the target it will hover up and search a bigger area for aroun 1 hour until its internal power supplies are used up.

    Your enemies will envy you for it!
    Available at your local galactic Gnixxian-Store.

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    Artist: Shockowaffel

    Concept: Blood-Tree-Jellyfish

    The so called Blood Tree Jellyfish lives in big groups in symbiosis with the Gnixxian Oak (Blood Tree). This Tree does not live from rain and minerals in the earth, but from blood, body liquids and dead bodies.
    The plant absorbs all dead biological mass in it's range and transforms them into energy and a kind of salty honey.
    The blood Tree Jellyfish lives from this honey and to support the tree they attack and kill everything that comes close enough to the tree, by jumping or falling onto the prey and killing it very quickly with their poisonous tentacles.
    They are very light and can even float a little.
    The jellyfish is very efficient for assasination tasks, because even without a tree they still attack and kill.
    If a direct attak isnt possible, the poison can be extracted by industry and used as gas or liquid.

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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Chemicat IX

    Muderous Intent-Gnixxian Assassin.
    FutureTechnologies TM had been a part of the larger Confederate Naval outsourcing of biological warfare for 125 years by the time they genetically engineered the Chemicat from an amphibian-analogue living in the Jungles of Gnixxian.
    The amphibian hunts through stealth, dropping on its prey from above, squirting neurotoxic fluid from muscular dispensation sacks upon its shoulders, much like the system used by toads back on earth but with a level of predatory adaptation enhanced by years of genetically provocative laboratory experimentation.
    This fluid is ejected towards the wounds that the creatures claws rend open upon the flesh of its target and quickly causes paralysis within the musculature of the area.
    During clinical testing it was often noted that the Chemicat would paralise prey and then take great sadistic pleasure in eating the internal organs while the target was still conscious; something the scientists never fully removed from the creatures pathological habits...
    The word ‘anarchy’ comes from the ancient Greek αναρχία in which αν meant ‘without’ and αρχία meant first a military ‘leader’ and then ‘ruler’. Anarchist society is one ‘without rulers’: a classless, non-hierarchical society.
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    You need people like me so you can point your grubby fingers and say, "That's the bad guy.""

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    Artist: skullbeast

    Concept: Xzillizn
    Xzillizn assassins are of the worst breed. They feverishly live for the hunt. If you are in such a bad spot that one of these fellas has been sent after you. I would suggest a race to the finnish. Be warned you wont even see them coming!
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    Artist: Matt B.

    Concept: Muderous Intent-Gnixxian Assassin

    I conceptualized an agile, deadly animal capable of small bursts of high speed. Movements might reflect that of a lion or cheetah, with a powerful bite
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    Artist: Baron Impossible

    Concept: Vegetator

    * Primary jungle-form / plant analog organism * Accomplished mimic of over 700 types of off-world vegetation * Patience legendary * No job too small * Special deals available

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    Artist: acb

    Concept: the G(gnixian) B(Bio) E(enginered) blood sucker

    C.O.W. #187_Murderous Intent-Gnixxian Assassin_Voting!

    for years the military tried to bio engineer an eficient assasin but with no use,all of the tested species were non responsive to the treatments or died due to the dns manipulation. the Gnixian Blood Sucker was the only species that responded and was quite easy to manipulate dues to its fondemental structure:
    *he sucks the blood out of its victim
    *he generates the venom from particles in the blood that he sucks thus every victim refills its venom sacks
    *paralizes the place of the sucking so the victim wont know its being sucked using its blue tentacles....

    that ,was befor they manipulated it in:
    *aggression and obedience to be to attack a specific victim
    *enlarged its size from a what known to us as an "ant size "to a hight of aprox 140 cm.

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    Artist: (lark

    Concept: the gradius threaver, or gnixxian ghost

    Attachment 1062041



    dear colleagues of the gnixxian biological research facility.

    we would like to thank you for your work on the gradius threaver you have supplied us with. it has been a shining success in helping with our efforts to hunt down the especially difficult criminal element that has arisen on our prime world. you were quite right in your assumptions that it would be able to use its unique phasing abilities on industrial materials, and not just the biological material of gnixx. that ability, along with its powerful tracking senses, have made the elimination of previously very hard targets almost laughably easy.

    we were also quite pleasantly surprised with the combat abilities you were able to train it. one instance the threaver phased through a target at a very extreme speed, the target dropped dead immediately, and upon inspection the threaver was somehow able to slice very clean slashes through the targets body on the way through. the assumption is that it was able to maintain its claws in a material form while the rest of its body was able to phase.

    as a final note, we need to warn you that the training techniques you have applied to such a powerful creature must be kept secret at all costs. if any criminal element were to learn of the **.*ghx sonic frequency that disrupts its phasing abilities, such an element could feasibly acquire and train a threaver of their own and i don't need to tell you the trouble the colonies would be in with that situation.

    again, thank you for your fantastic work. everyone on prime can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    sincerely, John Brasso head security officer of prime.


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    Concept: Gnixxian Flutterer

    The Gnixxian Flutterer hunts by emitting poisonous spores from its tentacles. With fast wing beats it then proceeds to spread the spores towards its target. When the spores are inhaled the prey suffers from wild hallucinations and their body slowly starts to paralyze. When the prey is completely paralyzed the Gnixxian Flutterer then proceeds to consume the victim alive. Only a few tribes still use the Gnixxian Flutterers as weapons because the collateral damage is always devastating.
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    Artist: justonecog

    Concept: Flying Gnixxian Sarcophagus Ant

    The Flying Gnixxian Sarcophagus Ant is the winged cousin of the Gnixxian tomb ant. Like their earth-bound cousins, sarcophagus ants can weave their bodies together to create a tight nest-like structure. Unlike tomb ants, however, the flying variety use these nests to surround their prey in a net-like fashion, trapping them, immobilizing them, and then slowly consuming them.

    Sarcophagus ants are an aggressive breed, generally attacking anything within their immediate vicinity that could be a potential food source. Because of this, some humanoids have taken to swiping the nests of sarcophagus ants and then inserting them into various container, which they then gift to unsuspecting targets.

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    Artist: Ragnj

    Concept: Gnzazin
    The Gnzazin, named after its homeplanet Gnixxian and its extreme hunting/assassinating skills is a feared creature. Today its no longer hunting its homeplanets pray but instead being used as lethal assassins in the Dark royal army of Haxen.

    The two gigantic upper arms are there mostly for mobility, with them it can climb walls and ceilings in high speed since the hands are equipped with a sticky substance. The creature usually kills in silence by hitting its victim with its poisonous stingers thats situated under the upper arms, but can also engage in combat using both the upper arms and the rest of its deadly attributes.

    Even tho its pretty big (the main body is a little bit bigger then an average human) its still rather stealthy thanks to its habit of moving on walls and ceilings and using dark areas. Also being able of lowering itself down from ceilings with a rope made of web to hit and then back up within seconds. Its also known for kiddnappings since it can paralyze its victims and then carry it with its normal arms and tail while moving out by using upper arms and legs.
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