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    Red face The Ringling Thread - Help! :|

    Damn.. where do I start?

    I think a lot of know this thread :

    I started it early December after following some other threads losely back in Novemember I tried getting together this thread for all of us applicants to see who would make it, who wouldn't what would happen etc. So I did. Lots of people showed up, posted and people got involved. We posted our folios as they came and gave each other critiques and understandings. We learned all fairly quickly and understood tha tthe path to RIngling would be an ardous one.

    There is no way to really describe it but we were passionate, in love if you will, for tryign to get in. Working diligantly into night, shaving down our pencils and studying forms we came with what we had there.

    Around a few hours ago one person posted he had just got in. We leaped for joy

    Than someone didn't get in. Then some more. It seemed depressing. A lot of us were getting nervous and anxious and began calling. To tears some of us were rejected, some were accepted. I chose to wait for the letter. I did not want ot know my fate until AFTER my Spring break trip to New york, which quickly I'll add I needed it. Too much had gone in feburary.

    One of the things? I fell in love with a girl.

    So about an hour and half ago I got a call by Amy Fischer, a lady who I've talked to quite frequently about getting into Ringling and she broke the news to me.

    I stood there, in utter shock. I didn't say a word. I couldn't actually say a word because I couldn't breath.

    All those long nights, well into 3 in the morning, drawing and studying.

    And it paid off.

    Now I'm sitting here. Torn. I don't know what to do. Do I stay at my Uni and pursue a career of fine art and traditional painting etc? Ive even been offered to go into a small gallery now.

    Or do I go to Ringling?

    I know the choice. I'm going to Ringling. I don't even know why I'm posting this.

    I'm torn up though. I'm happy Over excited joy.

    Don't know where this is going, and if it dies in the water. Well, let it be
    "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
    - Pablo Picasso

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    What can i say.. congrats
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    :chug: :beer: :p :thumbsup: imp: :partyguy: :blue: :btu: :nana Congrats!!

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