CLOSED-Concept Artists for Fantasy Graphic Novel
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Thread: CLOSED-Concept Artists for Fantasy Graphic Novel

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    CLOSED-Concept Artists for Fantasy Graphic Novel



    At present this is a completed, 96 page, epic fantasy screenplay about the war in Heaven and fall of Lucifer and his followers. We are adapting this into a graphic novel and anime feature. We are in early pre-production and currently looking for concept artists to visualise key scenes from the screenplay.


    At present we are wanting three full color pieces of conceptual artwork.

    • An ensemble posing of the protagonist Demons called After the Fall - six characters total.
      Setting/Enviroment - deserted battlefield at night.
      The demon characters left to right - Belial & Lilith - Azazel & Lucifer- Mephistopheles & Berith - reflect on the battle they’ve just survived.
      Layout reference - evangelion cast

    • An ensemble posing of the antagonist Angles called Archangels - three characters total.
      Setting/Enviroment - deserted battlefield at dawn.
      The archangel characters left to right - Michael foreground closeup - Gabriel centre medium shot - Raphaela background medium longshot - determined and serious.
      Layout reference - champloo trio

    • A combat piece from a major scene in the screenplay called Fall of Babylon - three characters total.
      Setting/Enviroment - ancient city of Babylon under attack.
      The characters left to right - Michael with flaming sword - Berith parrying -Mephistopheles attacking - the two demons battle against the archangel.
      Layout reference - bleach combat

    Interested Artists please submit rates by pm along samples of your work. Paypal is our payment preference but we are flexible should this be a stumbling block to attaining the right artist.


    Dark, and gritty but hauntingly beautiful. This is a tragedy and tale of war, so the feel should be dark and the characters shouldn't look clean or happy, the demons should look between sad and grimly determined and the archangels should look serious and committed.

    Angel – White winged immortal humanoid creatures in peak physical condition, unblemished by disease or injury.
    Armor- gold and silver with blue and white cloaks and clothing.
    Demon- A black winged angel. They don't look demonic, they are simply rebel angels that have had their wings turned black as a mark of their rebellion against their lord.
    Armor- Once gold and silver, it’s been tainted and appears grease smeared and dirty, a dark smoke emanates from it. Crimson cloaked with dark clothing.
    Watcher - A demon in hiding.
    Armor- Dark hooded cloaks with dark leather armor beneath.

    All characters should look like they’ve been veterans of many battles, none of them should be clean in appearance. In the concept pieces the costumes for each character should be;

    • Dark Corrupted Armor - Lucifer, Azazel, Belial and Lilith.
    • Watcher Garb - Mephistopheles and Berith
    • Archangel Armor - Michael, Gabriel and Raphaela.

    Armor concepts will be provided for male and female characters but we’d like each character to have their costume and weapons personalised to them, worn in a different manner.

    We are trying to visualise these demons and angels in a way that when they are not flying their wings are not so noticeable, they retract pretty well.

    The work is heavily influenced by the manga Claymore, the films of Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy II) and the game cinematics of Warhammer and Dragon Age.

    Conceptual works similar in style to the warhammer/warcraft work done by the likes of...
    Daarken and Akizhao.
    We are also very fond of the style used by roboto-kun .


    To be discussed with artists during review of a more detailed explanation of the work.


    The Artist shall retain the copyright of the works, granting exclusive rights of usage to us, the Clients, in all media produced and published under RoninDreamer Productions. We plan to have the best pieces of all the concept work we're commissioning be published in the Graphic Novel as chapter breaks and extra content, we may use it on our website also in addition to it being used to help pin down the look of the main cast.

    The Artist retains the right of usage for self-promotion, including placement in portfolio.

    All reproductions by RoninDreamer shall contain a credit to the Artist and a copyright notice in substantially the following form: Copyright © [Artist’s name, date of publication].


    Enthusiasm and honesty.
    Feedback, discussion and ideas are most welcome and encouraged as what we strive for is to create the best work possible, that is our goal.
    And we believe that we can only achieve this with an open, honest and comfortable relationship with the artists we work with.

    Why is this in the Under $500 thread?
    As it's a call for multiple concept artists. Yes, we may give all three commissions to one exceptional artist that we think would be perfect, in which case it'll certainly be more than $500 but we'd also like to leave our options open incase we get more than one artist we'd like to work with (which is a very big possibility with the talent here) and we have plenty work further down the road and you can never have too many concept artists.

    Many thanks in advance and we look forward to seeing your work.

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    Could interested artists please submit links to their artwork via pm or email through this ca account, not to the account on the ronindreamer website. Please also include your rates and quote estimates for the 3 pieces in the proposal above.

    In response to a few quiries regarding budget, we are looking for artists we believe can best visualise what we’re after, not by rates but by quality of work.

    We do not believe in dictating what we'll pay for your work, we are looking for you to aide us with your talent. We have huge respect for the work you do and never wish to undercut or barter against what you believe your work is worth. For us it is always difficult to put a price on art, obviously for us the better rate would mean we could have more concept work done but we do not wish to do this at the price of not getting what we consider the best artist for what we want.

    Thank you.

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