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    The new sketchbook of NoŽ

    Hello dear CA,

    I feel like it's time to start a new and fresh sketchbook, so here is the start of one!
    Here's the link of my old sketchbook (which goes back to 2004, when I first started drawing):

    Currently I'm in my second year of art school in the Netherlands, studying Illustration.

    This post is reserved for the thumbnail picture, updates will start from my next post (probably this evening).


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    Hey there,

    Can't wait to see what happens here! Really nice classical thumb - looks great. Where abouts in the Netherlands are you? I'm going to Utrecht University in a couple of days for an exchange year. Have never been anywhere near the place - feel lame, but really excited :-)

    Best wishes,


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    Get naked, eat sushi! sketchbook
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    I have many images to post, since I recently scanned all of the pages of my sketchbook from the last few weeks (over 60 images).
    I'm going to put them in this sketchbook over the course of a week or so.. So there's more to come!

    Here are the first images

    Name:  0005.jpg
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Size:  63.6 KB Name:  0006.jpg
Views: 1210
Size:  62.8 KB Name:  0013.jpg
Views: 1228
Size:  92.5 KB

    Name:  0008.jpg
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    Name:  0010.jpg
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    Name:  0011.jpg
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Size:  34.1 KB Name:  0012.jpg
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    @ Jansi; Hi Ana, thanks for the reply! The thumb is a self portrait, I've heard before that I have a classical face, and I see what you mean. I live and study in Utrecht actually! If you want you can PM me to meet up some time.


    Here are some more images from my sketchbook!

    Name:  0014.jpg
Views: 1210
Size:  100.4 KB Name:  0015.jpg
Views: 1197
Size:  46.7 KB

    Name:  0017.jpg
Views: 1190
Size:  94.4 KB Name:  0016.jpg
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    Name:  0018.jpg
Views: 1193
Size:  114.6 KB Name:  0019.jpg
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Size:  87.2 KB

    Name:  0020.jpg
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    Name:  0022.jpg
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    Name:  0023.jpg
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    Name:  0025.jpg
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Size:  107.9 KB Name:  0026.jpg
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    Name:  0028.jpg
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    Very nice sketchbook you got going here

    Help wanted
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    heej marleen long time no see..

    good to see u starting up a new sketchbook again..

    now i started at the Fontys Hogescholen voor de Kunsten in Tilburg,i just realised i should make a new Sketchbook to.. will update it soon with some of my works from last 2 years. thanks for that.. i mean.. its afterall seeing old members that haven't been here for a while start over agian..

    hope its going well on ur school.

    keep posting .

    Grz Rob.

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    @ Eraiasu; thanks!
    @ oma; Hi! It's nice to hear from you again too When you start a sketchbook, let me know ^^. Things with school are going well (for as far as I can tell, I just started 3 days ago). Hope you're doing well too (in school and in other things).

    So.. I'm continuing the update, still a few more pages to go.. Sadly I'm not drawing a lot at the moment because all the school assignments start with research.. So sketching comes later.

    Name:  0029.jpg
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Size:  154.2 KB Name:  0030.jpg
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    Name:  0031.jpg
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    Name:  0032.jpg
Views: 1133
Size:  121.8 KB Name:  0033.jpg
Views: 1117
Size:  111.7 KB

    Name:  0035.jpg
Views: 1116
Size:  233.6 KB

    Name:  0037.jpg
Views: 1108
Size:  273.6 KB

    Name:  0039.jpg
Views: 1111
Size:  214.4 KB

    Name:  0040.jpg
Views: 1105
Size:  95.6 KB Name:  0041.jpg
Views: 1119
Size:  112.4 KB

    (it says sorry on her forehead because I really screwed up my sisters face in that image )

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    Thank god this didn't get lost in my sea of emails or else I would be wondering where you disappeared off to haha (not that I can say much XD)

    awesome sketches I love this one: Here

    I also actually quite like the sorry!?! pic lol...the rendering looks very interesting (like van gogh with ink )

    Keep it up!

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    yea my sketchbook is running atm. link is under my posts or something.

    yea but i ment how ur doing on school like last year and stuff.. do u like it etc etc. ?
    i started today again at the teacher art academy in Tilburg.

    and for the other things it depends some things go well others aint that well.. know the drill.

    good new drawings.. same here btw.. we have to do a lot of research. tho i try draw at least every day.

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    I'm really happy to see you started a new SB with new stuff! I don't know why, but I love this one: Klik
    I feel some shame I don't post anything in my SB at the moment, because you've done so much lately . It's very inspirational!
    Maybe I should update mine too ^^ (I still have al those digitals from the booklet in the CD for example ).

    Hope you're doing well!


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    @ PaperX; Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I really like the one you pointed out as well, I still want to finish it some way, with maybe realistic painting on the girl, but I'm not sure if that's too much.. Still gotta try it out in PS. I like the ink rendering too. It's a new thing for me which turned out well.
    @ oma; Ah! I'll reply soon to your book. My school is going much better than last year, I'm really motivated and things seem to go easier. Also there were some changes in the curriculum and we now have comic drawing and painting lessons, which I both really like.
    @ Marlisaatje!!!; Hi! I really like that you like that drawing, I like that sort of sick thing too ^^ Nice to hear from you like this, lots of love!
    This is an update with things from this week, from painting class the sketchbook updates aren't done yet, will continue those soon.

    We're learning to paint in a new and kinda weird but fun way: first we paint the entire sheet yellow, then we set up still life in red lines, put a blue line around the shapes to emphasise negative space, then fill in the background with red, fill in the shadows on objects with red, and when the red layers are dried, go over those with blue, (all transparant) to create an optic grey/black. This way we continue to put in contrasts, and lastly we mix some colours on the palette and put those in.
    Here are my first tryouts at this style.

    Name:  0068.jpg
Views: 1062
Size:  82.8 KB
    First class: really big size: 70x100 cm or so

    Name:  0069.jpg
Views: 1051
Size:  68.7 KB Name:  0070.jpg
Views: 1049
Size:  59.2 KB
    homework, smaller sizes

    Name:  0071.jpg
Views: 1068
Size:  65.5 KB Name:  0073.jpg
Views: 1031
Size:  63.3 KB
    homework as well

    Name:  0075.jpg
Views: 1048
Size:  53.6 KB
    last homework image

    Name:  0072.jpg
Views: 1049
Size:  119.0 KB
    Second class (from this morning) 1,5 hours, 70x100 cm

    Name:  0074.jpg
Views: 1041
Size:  101.7 KB
    this is totally different, just a personal tryout of like 1 hour in oil paint, very thin, I really like oils actually, but there's not much time to delve into that at the moment.


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    So, I decided that I was liking doing an update again so much, that I did another one right after the first. So here it is.. Continuing the sketchbook scan updates.

    Name:  0042.jpg
Views: 1033
Size:  39.3 KB Name:  0043.jpg
Views: 1025
Size:  56.5 KB

    Name:  0044.jpg
Views: 1010
Size:  63.2 KB Name:  0045.jpg
Views: 1031
Size:  56.9 KB

    Name:  0046.jpg
Views: 1016
Size:  79.7 KB Name:  0047.jpg
Views: 1023
Size:  55.8 KB

    Name:  0048.jpg
Views: 1016
Size:  68.9 KB

    Name:  0049.jpg
Views: 1002
Size:  36.4 KB

    Name:  0050.jpg
Views: 1013
Size:  64.3 KB

    Name:  0051.jpg
Views: 1031
Size:  66.2 KB

    Name:  0052.jpg
Views: 1011
Size:  118.8 KB

    Name:  0053.jpg
Views: 1004
Size:  130.8 KB

    Name:  0054.jpg
Views: 992
Size:  78.3 KB

    Name:  0055.jpg
Views: 1002
Size:  100.3 KB

    Name:  0056.jpg
Views: 997
Size:  79.4 KB

    Name:  0057.jpg
Views: 989
Size:  76.8 KB

    Name:  0058.jpg
Views: 975
Size:  42.6 KB Name:  0060.jpg
Views: 1044
Size:  53.5 KB

    Name:  0059.jpg
Views: 1001
Size:  91.2 KB

    Name:  0061.jpg
Views: 974
Size:  58.4 KB

    Name:  0062.jpg
Views: 973
Size:  59.1 KB

    Name:  0063.jpg
Views: 979
Size:  51.3 KB

    Name:  0064.jpg
Views: 984
Size:  101.7 KB
    This last one is a collab of Jelle vd Vegt and me.

    These next three are from 3-4 months ago, but I never photographed them then

    Name:  0065.jpg
Views: 967
Size:  44.4 KB

    Name:  0066.jpg
Views: 953
Size:  46.3 KB
    this is a study, but I forgot who the original artist was, if you do, please let me know, I think he's on CA.

    Name:  0067.jpg
Views: 961
Size:  115.5 KB

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    good sketchbook

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