Searching for a handful of amazingly talented concept artists (both sketch and paint artists) to develop original artwork for a short sci-fi film (for a spec pitch for a feature). I am a director (and concept artist) but don't have the time to develop the myriad of concepts needed to move toward production. And quite frankly, I need an original take on visuals. I am an incredibly visual and tone-driven director and plan to develop a strong pitch that brings artwork to life.

Although the film's story is post-apocalyptic, I want to create a new vision for post-apocalypse that has yet to be seen. This will be a semi-steampunk film that takes place two hundred years after a major worldwide natural disaster (2400AD). The human race has been split into two factions and is warring over depleting resources. The grander scope of the film is centered around a teen boy who comes across a little girl who turns out to be the key to a two thousand year old myth: an ark, sent from humans 10,000 years in the future to save themselves.

There is possible financing for the short, but I'm trying to work out these details. Ultimately I am looking for young, talented artists that are looking to develop something original and be part of a fascinating process.

FYI, I am repped by the agent who reps Bobby Glickert and just hooked up a 40M film based on his 2min short:

Please email me with any questions. I have a very distinct style I am looking for, so please email samples and website link.

Marty Martin