(I'm not sure if this is the right forum but it didn't seem to fit any of the other descriptions)

Hi all, I’m working on a research assignment for my graduate diploma in Illustration at uni.

The topic I’m looking into is production methods and processes for developing the graphics in games. I’m hoping to determine the main methods and compare to methods that film and animation use.

Some things I’m hoping to cover would be:
1. Tasks that are preformed, roughly what order they are done in and where are they placed in the development of the game. This would be things like storyboards, thumbnails/silhouettes, models, rigging, shading filters etc.
2. What interactions artists have with other groups such as programmers and designers.
3. Ideally who would be in charge of what tasks. Art director, production designer, concept artist, modeller etc.
4. If larger and smaller companies use different methods, if so what methods. How freelancing affects things and how it is dealt with.
5. Do film and animation use similar methods. How do they differ?
My main hope is that this would help people know what to expect when they enter the industry or if they are an indie starting out what methods might work for producing their art.

So I was hoping to get some advice from people to help with this.
The first question would be does this seem a useful and feasible study? If it's impossible or pointless I would rather learn now before I've spent too much time on it.

Second question does anyone know of any resources presently out there which covers this topic?

If you’re already in the industry if you could comment on some of the roles and tasks which go into producing art I would really appreciate it as I’m presently having trouble finding resources on this topic, which is actually one of the reasons I’m doing this assignment.

Thanks in advance for any advice or encouragement.