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    For those who want to create a website or portfolio or whatever

    I've been realizing that once in every new moon there will be someone who comes into the lounge (or outside of wanting to have their .com with their portfolio. Oftentimes they realize they have to learn some html and css, or have someone do it. Some end up pretty good and won't need an engine type of thing like Wordpress, and there's a couple that end up just plain awful, like 90s era awful.

    I've been wondering, since I'm learning php and going to get into mysql and maybe some other stuff after that, I wonder if I should create something like Wordpress, but instead of being geared towards bloggers or having a typical blog setup, it's geared towards having a portfolio/sketchbook/showcase of something. The ease of uploading images without using an ftp, having them in thumbnails without creating actually creating separate images as thumbnails, not having to sign up for a social networking site and giving out your email, having gravatar-enabled optional comments, using very little code, building themes or me creating default themes so you don't have to.

    And maybe having a theme that's geared towards a layout. Like choosing if you want to have thumbnails, no thumbnails, a slideshow... Maybe navigating with a back and forward button. Something that's programmed NOT to run flash. Maybe some jQuery/Ajax. And something that allows you to customize a theme or create your own, something like that.

    So, to make this a bit shorter... And not have me ramble on... Just answer one or more of these questions:

    • What drives you nuts about creating a portfolio site? Coding? Not knowing what it should look like? Something besides that?
    • Do you want to have the option to have simple animations without using flash, like having a slideshow when someone visits your page, that moves sideways, has a transition, or fades into the next image? Without knowing how to code or using very, very, little code. Like BBCode minimal stuff.
    • Do you really hate paid themes? It's okay if you answer yes.
    • Rounded corners, what do you think of them?
    • Having different layouts: Showing thumbnails? Having it look like a book? Both? Neither?
    • Ability to create pages like in WordPress but without WordPress. Again, this is an idea that's like that, but geared towards non-bloggers. Think about what you want that WordPress or some flash viewers don't give you.
    • ... I should probably be sleeping now. I woke up at 3am.

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    Speaking from a code-savvy person's perspective, I think a light CMS for artists would be a great idea. Most people starting out don't have the capital to or interest in hiring a designer, but at the same time throwing a site together with no knowledge of web design/coding can be tedious at best or infuriating at worst. I think the trick is to make it as basic as possible feature-wise, then introduce more advanced features (flash, maybe forms, shopping carts, etc) through plugins.

    Maybe use Textile for the content formatting? It's more feature rich than BB code, and you can create a toolbar for it. Don't ask me how because I'm not that advanced with PHP, but the CMS I use has Textile formatting by default, and there's a nice toolbar plugin you can download that mimics BB style toolbars.

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