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    Styles Comic Stylezed Realistic

    just curiious ! i Love modeling creatures monsters etc and dont mind doing humans in a stylized way some where between realistic and comic bookish but everyone seems to have difrent views of these ! including myself

    For the most part i find ralistic modeling boring but challenging so it is often fun to practice doing realisitc humans, but i am one of those people that thiink 3d is best used to create the cool ass monsters in movies

    just wondering what other peoples views were and thought it would be cool if everyone posted a few examples of there they consider to be stylized

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    Yea man I think that sytle is the way to go. But I think that it is good to be able to do realistic first then have fun with it. Just like any type of art, its good to learn the rules at first so that you can break them later.

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    Personally I try to keep my stuff stylized enough so that it stands out with it's own look, but also somewhere in between 100% realistic and/or cartoony. This way it can be interpreted whichever way it's needed, without me having to spend 900 years drawing something photoreal.

    I'm sure down the road, when I'm like, 40, my stuff will look a lot more realistic, but that's just how my style seems to evolve.

    Mark McCreery does some hyper-realistic pencil renderings for the creatures in Jurassic Park and whatnot, which is really effective for the subject matter, since it's based in reality.

    There's also some stylized stuff like THIS, by Joe Mad, which I think would translate really well into 3D, and be cool to see in a movie. I suppose a lot of this would depend on the 3D artists and the art direction, style, etc.
    I think a lot of movies would benefit from more outrageous designs with a lot more stylistic approach to the design side, while staying realistic enough to be convincing.

    I don't know if that made any sense, but I felt the need to ramble.


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    style is always cool for me.
    there is a time and place for realism and the knowledge of how and why are the way they are is benificial.
    but for me making something unique wacky, yet still believable is the most rewarding.
    If I look at an image and have no idea how it was made then I am impressed.
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