Art: is this bad form\technique?

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    Question is this bad form\technique?

    lately im feeling very good about my progress and my observation skills. my proportions and scale and everything are much better than they've ever been. but i wonder if im stunting my growth with how i draw.

    i picked up this technique from loomis's "fun with a pencil" where he i think suggested you sketch the form out with a light blue pencil first. this way i make sure everything is lined up and the right size related to everything else and stuff, and then i draw over this with pencil in more detail. for instance the blue pencil might be boxes or circles and rough shapes like that and when i use my pencil i then draw it as i see it with curves and such.

    is this considered tracing and not really drawing? or is this an okay thing to do? i think (hope) that once i improve even more i wont need to sketch it out first and will be able to draw without the blueprints laid down but im not sure how likely this is.

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    There are no rules =)
    That's not tracing either, if you're drawing what your own guidelines. The blue pencil followed by other media is common. I use red pencil when I do that---
    check out this Rembrandt drawing- you can see the red underneath the ink. It's all good- it's the end result that matters, and that you have fun.

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    No, that's pretty much how everybody does it. I think most people just use lighter strokes with whatever medium they're working in, but that's a matter of preference.

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    It looks like you are more or less drawing things twice...

    Sounds pretty good to me, keep at it!

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