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    Personal Project

    I did about thirteen to fifteen little thumbnails for this, and about 3 or 4 large sketches just to play around with poses and color. I started about 2 days ago, and I've been busy starting school and everything, so off and on it took me about five hours. I couldn't figure out what color to put in the far background. I thought about a light blue wash, but decided with a light black/dark grey wash.
    I've always had trouble trying to get the right gradients of skin tone for the shadows. But practice helps. Anyways, what do you think?

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    Everything seems to be on the same plane, so there's little depth. There's no sense of scale since there's no way of telling how far away the background is, etc.

    The tangent between the dragon and what I assume to be its reflection makes it look like that's the neck, not the reverse of its jaw, and contributes to the flattening. A little separation there would help.

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    If that is supposed to be the dragon's reflection in the water, I'm sorry to say that you did it wrong, which as a result really confuses the drawing. I can only recommend that you study water reflections (mirror reflections) to see how they work.

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