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    Red face Wanabe Concept Artist's Sad Introduction

    Hey everyone, i have been lurking around in the shadows of these forums for a long time looking for inspiration and for tips and tricks. I have recently failed my 2nd Year at Uni Studying Computer Games Art. I faced alot of problems and have decided to take a new approach and turn to the internet for guidance and support.

    I Want to start a fresh new start, i havent done any art work for a long time.... i have bin lacking inspiration, and my life was just full of dramas.

    And thats my sad sad introduction, Well a very well summed up version of it anywayz :p All advice is much appreciated, please help me!

    PS i dont know if this is the right forum.. plz move me if im in the wrong place

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    You can join my crew. We are developing a demo for the sole purpose of getting into the video game industry. We work hard at sharpening our skillzzz. let me know if you are interested.
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    some more detail? ) sounds interesting

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    You fell, but its time to get up, look around, find about the groups/crew that can motivate you to learn and build portfolio( like Tgfx's crew). Take crits given to you well. Look at the tutorial, education, technical section of the forum. Post your finished work at critique center, alot of SBs go with noticing, but even then if you are ina crew and group you will get good enough crits to boost you up.
    And when you have questions about art and stuff, just post a thread at Art discussion(please do a search before you post though).

    Welcome Zilla89
    have a pleasant stay here man.

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    Hello =).

    My first suggestion (like always) would be to start a sketchbook thread in the appropriate sub forum. Buy or obtain copies of Bridgman and Loomis' works, and do master studies. Attend life drawing classes, practice at least 3 hours a day (8+ would be ace).

    Don't worry about failing, as bhanu said, you can always get up. I had a fall from grace as well, and it was brutal. I suffered from a soul crushing depression from ages 13 through 21 (Worst period of my life for damn sure, and people keep saying how it's supposed to be the "best"...gah!). I never went to college (23 now), so I guess I've missed out on the "college experience" (Namely, getting laid and shitfaced). The only thing that matters is your portfolio - sure, the "degree" or piece of paper you get from educational institutions when you graduate are there to get your foot in the door, but it's your portfolio that matters.

    So look at this as an opportunity to improve. Art through adversity. For example, I was planning on attending FZDSchool in Singapore for the October intake, but they can't take international students at the moment, due to some certificates allowing them to take in international students having expired. They said they might be able to take int. students in February '11, so I'm taking this chance to build up my portfolio and sharpen my skills.

    If you want inspiration, look at MindCandyMan's thread. Look at mine as well if you want, but the former's journey is absolutely astounding. Also in fact, MCM/Jonathan Hardesty has an onlline school here.

    But basically, draw draw DRAW!!

    Cheers, and if you need guidance on drawing/constructing figures from imagination, I'd be happy to help (It's one of the few areas where I'm decent at). Either send me a PM or post something in your sketchbook thread, and I'll get back to you.

    "Never regret thy fall from grace, O' spirit of Icarian flight, for the greatest tragedy of them all to face, is to never feel the burning bright"
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    Ok, so the big problem is you have to deal with that “failure” – that’s tough, and depressing, but here’re some things to help you through:

    I would say at least 80% of what an art school can give the average person that self studies can’t is discipline. If you can figure out how to discipline yourself, or if that is already a skill of yours, then you haven’t lost much! There are tons of pros out there who never went to Art College, mostly because they didn’t need to pay tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars for someone else to keep them on track. At my school, I would even go so far as to say 60% of my classmates were only doing the bare minimum of studies and art required of them because of the presence of deadlines and grades – if you have the motivation and ambition, you are already doing much better than they.

    Open a sketchbook in the sketchbook forum – this should be your haven, your sanctuary, and your home for all your practice. People may or may not critique your work there (though, if you post often, it’s likely you’ll get some attention), but it’s very low pressure because you aren’t expected to repost your work with the suggested revisions, just use what people are saying as you continue to practice. Put all your work from the studies listed below in here.

    Now, since you’ve been to art school, this is stuff you already know, but for me, I really like to see what I need to do laid out in a concise list:

    You need to do at least these four kinds of practice – if it helps you, and you are OCD like me, you can use a different sketchbook/pad for each kind – Life figure studies, Sketching from Life, Master Studies, and Anatomy Studies.

    Life Figure Studies: Go weekly or more if you can. Try to get into sessions that do both short gesture poses and long poses.

    Sketching From Life: Get a sketchbook and sketch whatever/whoever you see, wherever you are. I know people usually get really choked up on this one, I myself can be really self-conscience, but you can always keep it completely private and not let anyone see (at least until you get better). Try to learn to capture things quickly, as they move about a lot in the real world – a friend of mine suggested using a pen only for at least a few months when beginning serious life sketching, just so you get out of the habit of erasing.

    Master Studies: This one is important because you’ll be learning techniques from the greatest artists of all time, techniques you would not have picked up just from looking at their painting/drawing.

    Anatomy Studies: I’m currently subscribing to the method of going through at least two books at once (carefully) – one on figure drawing (loomis/bridgeman) and one on scientific anatomy (peck). I also love, because if I don’t understand how a muscle can look one way on the front, and then totally different on the back, I can slowly turn the model a couple degrees at a time.

    The above is the hard work you need to put in to make up for not being in classes. Beyond that, keep drawing from imagination and photo refs, etc. When you are super awesome, no one's gonna care that you didn't finish art school!


    Haha, I forgot to mention! ^ this is just the beginning, the hard work on foundations that art schools are supposed to put the students through before their specialized classes. Once you are getting really comfortable with your foundations, and are in a good habit of practicing them every day, you will start to add on learning game art and such. And you can probably find some reasonably priced 3D modeling, etc. classes at your local community college, as well as many books and tutorials on the programs you are trying to learn.
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    If your looking for motivation and inspiration i'd recommend listening to chiustream while drawing/painting:

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    thanks for all the advice and replies, i cant belive i got so much feedback.. great links and suggestions.... im currently away from home and just enjoying the summer and getting ready for a fresh start...

    i will need to look back at this thread at the end of this month, and i promise you guys will see alot more of me im going to head into town 2moro and buy a sketch book and start getting back into the habit of sketching.

    Il also try to download those master studies, and braintree love the video i will definetly give that a shot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Braintree View Post
    If your looking for motivation and inspiration i'd recommend listening to chiustream while drawing/painting:
    Thanks for the link! Awesome speech, this should be sticky!!!

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    Never too late to get back into learn at your own pace. I went to art school many years ago for graphic design, graduated, and decided it wasn't for me. Quit drawing all together. Went a totally different direction career wise, then almost 15 years later discovered video game art, started posting my work on sites like CA, getting crits, inspiriation, etc. from many world class/talented artists.

    CA for example is a gold mine for artists. I suggest you take advantage of what they have to offer...and draw your ass off.

    I also want to point out that you are lucky that the school you went to did'nt just tell you what you would've preferred to hear...and take your money, like so many other art schools out there would've.

    Good luck!



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    Take some classes starting in Jan. You want to get better fast, that is a great way to do it. The student progress has been mind blowing and I think they will tell you the same thing.

    Great input in this thread. This is why I love this site.


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    Zilla, welcome! If you don't mind me asking, what happen that led to you failing out of school? As neuroballistic pointed out it quite a thing to flunk out, so it seems to me that if you wish to turn over a new leaf, so to speak, you might start by figuring out exactly what went wrong at school. Actually I'm guess you already know the answer to this question, I'm just curious.

    I think your decision to turn to the internet is a great idea. Recently I've come to the conclusion that going to school, at least when your talking about creative fields like design or illustration, is practically unnecessary. I studied Industrial Design at one of the best design schools in the US. It was a great program with a wonderful and knowledgeable staff and it did a great job giving me a foundation to build upon, but thats all it was really. A foundation. I figure about 75% of the things I use professionally on a daily basis have been things I have learned outside of the classroom, mostly by reading books, reading stuff online, working on personal projects, and studying.

    With the right motivation (and a bit of propensity) I think anyone could self-teach themselves to a level most college programs could not touch relying solely on books and the internet (and alot of study).

    Plus the fact that you are here, means you have somewhat of a good head on your shoulders. I wish you the best. Hope to see you around!

    PS... whats the deal with these crews? I want to be part of a crew!
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    And do be sure to check out my sketchbook if you have time!

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    Yoo mate when i read your OP, i thought i read my own biography man.

    I think a lot of artists had difficulty in some stages of their life. Man I really feel ya bruv when you say the failures you ve experienced.

    Man let me some up my life man.

    Got a criminal record through schooldays and after i beacme 18 so it stuck. Lost a lotta time to drinking and smokin weed.

    Passed 1st eyar in uni doing fineart+illustration, tutors were poor and didnt even teach right, the course itself was a mix of two courses. Was a ridiculous course.

    2nd year in uni cauht up in family problems etc, missed a ltota uni, also failed that year, by one stupid irrelevent module. Started playing wow, my social life went downhill.

    Family caght onto my habits of drinking, blazin weed, and wow, no job and no uni while being a muslim = my life a mess.

    3rd year of uni change to illustration and animation, which was perfect for me though... didnt find living arangements, no loan etc. Slowly dropped out.

    Now recently everyoen finished uni, all mate trying to earn etc. I thought id turn over a new leaf.

    Stopped wow, quit weed and alcohol, became a bit more religious, claimed benefits (<--haha still no job!)

    And now realsied i ahd a lto more time in my hands.. Then i realied some awesome changed to my way of working digitally, and now find it much easier to work, and find it more enjoyable.

    Threw my art around in Deviantart, and hit a few commissions, an a ltota feedback which is helping to motivate me, friends are asking for commissions and doors slowly opening.

    Im still living like a bum, living off the family like a parasitic scavenging vulture of a man.

    But my heard is solely into the arts, and now living wiht a new motto DRAW OR DIE!

    gotta keep workin man, post your work around, get yourself motivated! join challenges on forums etc. on deviantaart here and ! - Bobby Chiu tutorial, man listen to his chat throughout all his tutorials, hes a deeeep dude man and talk about a ltota thing that will hit home with you n me. - Over 200 artist have gather to this event, its a room full of all the Idols we admire in the artworld. May of whom are the greats on here! Truly inspirational

    Lasty i just wana say man, all of us guys have struggles in life man, and the same thing bobby chiu says and soemthing ive noticed in life around me. For people like you and i who have had a tough time, living a life through rejection while all the people around me are gettin to places wiht no struggles etc. Its people who ahve fallen down, maange to rebuild themselves stronger! We are stronger willed and we will succeed man! Just gotta keep putting the effort in!

    Hope this helps mate!
    They say the Jack of all trades is the master of none...
    Mate I've jacked all yall trades 'n mastered 'em son! :8)

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