Hey there. I'm Al, 19 years old. I've been actively drawing since I was fourteen, and kind of slowly improving since then. Still not that great, though. ^^; The majority of my illustrations are done for rpgs that I DM. I'm not pursuing a career in art but it is a passion of mine and I'd very much like to improve. Truth be told, I'm completely terrified of starting up this sketchbook. Heh.

Well, below are a couple of things I made today for a shadowrun adventure I'm writing. The first was a speedpaint I did in about an hour, half to get the concept on (metaphorical) paper and half so I could work on my contrast. The second is a work in progress shot of the full illustration I'm doing based off of the first.

So... er, thanks for taking a look! I'd love to hear tips on how to improve. (I lack a scanner, but I've been doing regular gestures from posemaniacs and a lot of anatomical studies in my sketchbook. )