Heh, thought that was a cool title for my sketchbook

Anywho, I've been into art ever since I was a kid but it wasn't until four years ago that I started teaching myself art. I was first interested in anime but dropped that a few years ago to start sketching people and animals. This summer I discovered the wonder that is conceptart.org and today I finally got the courage to start up a sketchbook!! There is so much I wanna do in art but right now I'm focusing on learning how to draw humans and how to color. So I figured a sketchbook would help me along the way. Why not get tips from those who are pursuing the same things as myself, you know? Yep. Well, here I go

Tips and advice are welcome.

Just learning from bridgman's complete guide to drawing from life and loomis' head and hands.

blah...the portrait looked nothing like the person. it was done really quick though!

much better painting then I normally do but I'm still a million miles away from being awesome at painting

btw, this was my first time actually using acrylics seriously. I've dabelled with it in the past but always gave up because I just couldn't get the hang of paint. Now though, I'm determined to crush the stuff! heck yeah